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  1. Eldron

    2010 Tour de France: Stage 3, Wanze - Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 213 km

    Uhm, like, you know, like identical situation in my book - the peleton broken into 6 or 7 groups because of an accident/accidents. One day it's neutralised - one day its not.
  2. Eldron

    2010 Tour de France: Stage 3, Wanze - Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 213 km

    I'm not sure whether to like Spary/Saxo after todays stage - when Frank&Andy crashed on stage 2 and were losing time on the GC contenders Sparty/Saxo were instrumental in neutralising the stage. Stage 3 Frank crashes out but Andy is gaining time on the GC contenders and Sparty is hammering on...
  3. Eldron

    2010 Tour de France: Stage 3, Wanze - Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 213 km

    A question and a statement... Question: with Conty flatting in the last 3km wasn't it a good ploy by Vino to hammer the last km? Conty will be given the same time as the "vino group" and Vino won him a few seconds. At first I though Vino was a bit of an idiot but perhaps there is a master...
  4. Eldron

    Greipel vs. Cavendish.

    Ahhhh how much fun it is to watch fat, ghey foreplay....
  5. Eldron

    Greipel vs. Cavendish.

    Good news - a certain someone won a stage at the giro today. Better news - it isn't 1 April. Bad news - given the competition at the giro Cav will call this a "sh*tty little race" :D
  6. Eldron

    Your favorite rider?

    For me: Vino - I've always liked his aggressive riding style and don't really care who takes drugs and who doesn't. Armstrong - cos the dude is my age and I know how hard it is to try and kick youngsters ass' when you're past your prime. Evans - (god I hope my friends don't see this) - he's a...
  7. Eldron

    Greipel vs. Cavendish.

    Could you too just quit the foreplay and shag already... I mean not that your "I'm a bigger pansy than you are" banter is not enthralling - it's that BOTH of you are bringing fluffy, pink handbags to a gun fight. It's like watching Bambi versus Barney. In slow motion. Without contact. PM it...
  8. Eldron

    2010 Liege - Bastogne - Liege

    You guys are heading into summer whilst us upside downers are heading into winter. I'll make sure the global pie consumption remains unchanged while you gear up for the season :-) Welcome back!
  9. Eldron

    Greipel vs. Cavendish.

    I think you have it all wrong... Cipo oozed style from every pore in his body - he was so superior to everyone else that he didn't need to talk about it. He would never has reduced himself to actually telling anybody how superior he was. You missed out Erik Zabel - a 200+ palmerer who's dog...
  10. Eldron

    Greipel vs. Cavendish.

    Cav really has the obnoxious little **** market sewn up. I liked him when he first hit the scene - now that he's delved deep into the world of wankerdom I wish he woould get injured/sick again. Methinks Zabel should tak him aside and have a bit of a father-son style chat about winning and dignity.
  11. Eldron

    2010 Liege - Bastogne - Liege

    What? A level headed, well thought out comment? This can't be surely ;) I quite agree - play the game not the player. Although I'vegiven up worrying about drugs so my comments aren't worth spit. Oh and you're fat and have no cred - eat less pies (thought I'd live down the...
  12. Eldron

    Do you like Alexandre Vinokourov?

    I love his unconventional "attack randomly" style. The old Contador/Vino 1-2 really ripped Liege Bastogne Ans apart. The innocent/guilty line in modern pro cycling is so grey that basing your like/dislike on drugs is like playing roulette. Recently I've started liking the veteran racers and it...
  13. Eldron

    Kimmage interviews : Manx Rocket

    I've always thought Cavendish was a completely self absorbed [email protected] Hopefully the healthy dose of humble pie he's being forced to swallow right now will turn him into a decent person. Probably not.
  14. Eldron

    Check Out Bahati Being Taken Out

    What? When you start crashing you pull somebody down with you - you don't throw them ahead of you into the barrier and land on them. Bos didn't take his HANDS off the bars - he took his right hand off the bars. You should have another look at the vid... It was deliberate, dangerous and dirty.
  15. Eldron

    Something's going right in the pro peleton...

    Ummm ladies - can you take this to PM? It was fun watching hangbags and umbrellas at 40 paces for a while but now it's just getting pathetic.
  16. Eldron

    2010 Paris-Roubaix

    I'd love to see Big George conquer the pave before he retires. He's not my favourite rider but that kind of dedication needs to be rewarded! I still remember his face when he sat on the side of the road with bike on one side and fork/front wheel on the other...
  17. Eldron

    2010 Paris-Roubaix

    Best race of the year and we're getting the last few hours live here in South Africa! My money is on Boonen - it takes a special kind of hardness to win PR and I think Boonen is that man. I shall be glued to the TV with beer in hand (gotta get into the Belgian mood and all). Bring it!
  18. Eldron

    Rconstructive surgery put Contadors season in doubt

    One wonders how enthusiastic Alberto is about April Fool's Day Jokes...
  19. Eldron

    RadioShack not invited to 2010 Giro d'Italia

    Straight from Zomegnan's mouth to our ears - kinda takes the fun out of the specualtion :D From: Zomegnan Explains Giro D'Italia Team Selections | Stephen Farrand: There's no Armstrong or his RadioShack team... Zomegnan: "There's not much to say. They never asked us to take part."
  20. Eldron

    Lance Forum?

    Armstrong versus Sinkewitz - Sinkewitz denied denied denied until he was caught - exactly what Lance is doing right now - there is no difference between the two. You can consider what Lance might do but it will only be guess work until he is caught (yes - I do think Lance took drugs - he's just...