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  1. king4wd

    Road Tires

    I'm a Vittoria fan as well. I love the way they feel- light and zippy. Although I was very impressed with the tires that came with my build kit last year- Schwalbe Blizzard sport. While heavy, they rolled easy and felt much lighter than they were. They were also nearly impervious to punctures...
  2. king4wd

    What kind of energy bar do you eat?

    Tried a new bar on my last century- Odwalla Cranberry C-monster. Made with organic fruits&whole grains. This one featured dried cranberries and extra vitamin C. Tasted great and was easy to eat. IMO Power bars are best suited for shoe leather- they're nearly impossible to eat.
  3. king4wd

    Energy Gel or Bar?

    I normally prefer GU- high caffiene and it tastes like cake frosting:) However I've recently tried Gulp-n-Go which is pretty good as well. I also tried a bar on my last big ride (they were on sale for a buck each at the grocery store). It was an Odwalla bar. Tasty and easy to eat. Power bars...
  4. king4wd

    Stretching is counter productive?

    The injuries referred to seem to be muscle stress type and I would defer to the experts in those cases. However, speaking as a MTBer, I believe that stretching can help prevent injury in the event of a crash. Crashing is much more frequent off-road than on, and being more flexible helps avoid...
  5. king4wd

    Feedback on Basso Devil '03

    I don't know about the Devil, but I got a Basso Coral from Performance last spring. I love it!! The brazed-smooth welds are invisible, the handling is sharp without getting twitchy, and its stable at both low(5-6mph) and high (40+mph)speeds. The paint seems to be thin however, as I've picked up...
  6. king4wd

    If your bike(s) could talk....

    "Lose some [email protected]#$%^&*! weight LARD-ASS!!":D
  7. king4wd

    *** music ***

    Cds in the car: Corrosion of Conformity- Deliverance Faith No More- The Real Thing Stevie Ray Vaughn- Greatest hits Vol II Allman Brothers- An Evening with the Allmans (first set) Dream Theater- Falling into Infinity. Other favorite artists include (but are not limited to): Rush, Jeff...
  8. king4wd

    Full pro uniform

    I prefer to wear a plain jersey, or one with a humorous picture or logo of something I support. A professional team jersey is just a bit to pretentious for me.
  9. king4wd

    Training for Century

    You don't have DNF on your poll:D . That was my first&last century attempt so far. Course marshalls wouldn't let me back out at the last rest stop- to much blood and a broken bike:( . Anyhow, Good luck on your ride. My goal here in a couple weeks is to finish in less than 8.5hours. Though I...
  10. king4wd

    2week final build up to 100miler

    I'm also doing a somewhat hilly century on the 14th (Old route 66). I've been riding 40-50% of the course two to three days a week on weekdays and 50mile rides down in Riverside after my mid-shifts on weekends for the last 7 or 8 weeks. OC Roadie's got some solid advice, though it seems a bit...
  11. king4wd

    Cast Your Vote: Best Saddle For The Rump

    I have to second the vote for the Turbomatic series by Selle Italia. Though my current saddle- a Selle San Marco Ozono race gel is my favorite- is almost a direct copy of the turbomatic.
  12. king4wd

    How do you deal with it?

    I am a zealous convert to bibs, yet I have not experienced your trouble. I think its a combination of the bib (performance elite- light mesh suspender portion) and my hirsute physique:D .
  13. king4wd

    Who, or what is a "Fred"?

    I agree whole heartedly, especially on the Helmet and the camelback. I've found with a visor I can wear lighter shaded glasses and my terribly nearsighted/astigmatic eyes can adjust from light to shaded areas more quickly. Here just about every summertime ride ends with the temp over 100f thats...
  14. king4wd

    Best cyclng movie made!!!!

    For best cycling movie I think the intent here is for best feature film, not documentary, otherwise the documentaries would win hands down. I haven't seen Bellville, but I've heard its quite good. My vote is for American Flyers as the main charaters are both cyclists, as opposed to Breaking Away...
  15. king4wd

    Your Worst Crash

    I come in on the tame end of things here. a list of top three: Third) on the Santa ana river trail near Angelus Oaks, a few years back, I caught a rut and sailed headfirst into what we now call the "Tom King Memorial Boulder" I must have passed out for a minute as I don't remember my buddy...
  16. king4wd

    Another beautiful ride RUINED by )(&*&%$ CLIPLESS PEDALS!!!

    A couple of tips for dealing with clipless pedals. 1) Everybody falls. Every last one of us has come to a stop and started lurching like mad as we slowly fell over. All you can do is laugh it off. Much like the buttered bread theory you will almost always go down with an audience. I don't know...
  17. king4wd

    Bird's Birthday Bianchi - Ultegra v Veloce?

    I ride a Basso not a Bianchi, and a double rather than a triple. However I've had nothing but pleasant experiences on my Veloce group. Two plusses are that the components are all alloy and steel- no plastic, and not everybody has it. Of course the downside is- not everybody has it. If I were...
  18. king4wd

    Who, or what is a "Fred"?

    Anymore it seems that MTBers who ride the road with some of their MTB paraphenalia are the new freds. You've seen them- riding a nice racing bike with a camelback and visored helmet, or the only full-fingered AXO gloves in the paceline. They tend to NOT shave their legs, and seem to relish their...
  19. king4wd

    sensitive questions for the guys only

    I wouldn't know, as my wife keeps mine:D
  20. king4wd

    KHS with Campy

    The Xenon group is akin to Shimano's Sora or Tiagra groups. Mirage is a bit better. They're fine for an entry level bike, with the caveat that many bike shops are not experienced with Campy and may not stock replacement parts.