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  1. rob of the og

    Announcing WKO+ 3.0 software!

    Thanks for the quick reply. (by the way, when I said 'disappointed in TP' I meant to mean the range of software not the company) For me the line between post-ride analysis and future planning got blurred once PMC was introduced. (Actually even TSS, since one of the primary purposes of that is...
  2. rob of the og

    Announcing WKO+ 3.0 software!

    For the first time ever, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with TrainingPeaks. This feels like version 2.5 not 3.0; a real shame at a point where (again, for the first time ever) I'm envisaging WKO+ not always being necessary. We'll shortly have the key metrics of TSS and IF on our Joule...
  3. rob of the og

    Tipping - stage 7: Barcelone - Andorre Arcalis 224 km

    1. Kreuziger 2. Contador 3. Schleck
  4. rob of the og

    2009 Giro : stage 12 : Thurs 21 May : Sestri Levante - Riomaggiore (ITT) 60.6kms

    There isn't much to lose from having a disc on, they don't affect the handling of a bike much and don't add much weight. I'd definitely use a standard road race front wheel though - that's where all the handling comes in. I rode a relatively similar TT a few weeks ago, albeit about 2/3 of the...
  5. rob of the og

    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    No. UNICEF didn't pay for that advertising. Barça have them on their shirt as a good will gesture. I posted a link to a story about it in my message on the previous page.
  6. rob of the og

    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    Well Livestrong already has a low ratio of income:charitable spending, ie they already spend a higher proportion on administration and promotion than most charities do. They would argue that this is justified in terms of the total amount brought in and therefore the total amount that can be...
  7. rob of the og

    With Rebellin down let's kick him too!

    There's a decent point at the centre of this: the cycling (and general sports) media will build people up, salute them as heroes and happily repeat all their lies without question, but once they get caught then the same media will dance on their graves and tell us that they were the devil...
  8. rob of the og

    Has the UCI dumped Armstrong ?

    Is there actually a source for this other than repetitions of the Armstrong/Bruyneel report?
  9. rob of the og

    Has the UCI dumped Armstrong ?

    Here's hoping. But the problem is that they already have a load of non-sanctionable positives. And now they might have a load more. So what exactly would this change? People who follow cycling already know that he dopes; people that follow Armstrong will continue to say that the sneaky French...
  10. rob of the og

    Armstrong ditches GTs, concentrates on sprint races!!!

    :cool: Lance's sprinting put on hold due to new anti-doping regime:
  11. rob of the og

    Changing Powertap recording interval

    No, you can change the recording interval without any problems. If you've used 2hrs already, then change it over and you've got 11hrs left at 2sec.
  12. rob of the og

    power on my iPhone?

    :D Funny how things move on - that's an argument people often use to say don't bother getting a powermeter.
  13. rob of the og

    power on my iPhone?

    Why? Well, potentially it makes it as least as good as the Garmin system and probably better. The Apple limits on third party app's running in the background will hamper it a bit, but maybe that will change soon. At the current rate of development for iPhone app's it will be interesting to see...
  14. rob of the og

    power on my iPhone?

    I'm struggling a bit with the wording here, because the article is focused on the aspect of the arrangement which is least interesting to me... but it certainly sounds like we can now get a link from a wireless PT (or SRM) to an iPhone or iPod touch. Anyone know if this is definitely the case...
  15. rob of the og

    New Kimmage Interview

    guess what? More idiots trying to cloud the issue to distract from the central point, which is that Kimmage is right and Lance is lying. Critiques of the value of Kimmage's career or writing style, or who won the high-school debating society bash in California, are side issues of no importance...
  16. rob of the og

    Are the test rudimentary at best?

    'donation' cheque to the uci bounced?
  17. rob of the og

    First time trial: Disc wheel or Powertap??

    Definitely the PT for a first timetrial. It's a difficult event to get right, and it'll take a few goes before you know how to pace yourself. The PT will at least give you a bit more of an idea about how much it's supposed to hurt (it's supposed to hurt a lot... but there are different degrees...
  18. rob of the og


    Cynical ******** is what it is.
  19. rob of the og


    Forget the doctors, forget the nurses, forget the scientists. We're sending in the A-team to fight the big-C. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  20. rob of the og

    Transfer WKO license

    Not quite. Go to, there's an entirely web-based programme there that you can sign in to for free (there are add-on pay-for bits). There is a small free device downloader prog, you might need to put that on a memory stick to use it wherever you go, but it'll let you upload to...