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  1. kennf

    Plan on doing my first Tri 2011

    On the swim, I guarantee your problem right now is technique, not conditioning. If you're not an experienced swimmer, you must take some lessons. The most common mistake a starting swimmer makes is kicking way too hard, which puts you into oxygen debt in no time. When you watch smooth...
  2. kennf

    Landis goes Postal

    I'm pretty sure we learned that from the O.J. case.
  3. kennf

    What's with Mavic R-SYS Wheel sets?!!

    What ever happened to the case of the VeloNews reporter that had a bad crash because his front RSys wheel exploded during a race. I recall Mavic was trying like crazy to cover it up--not smart when the customer is a reporter. I can't understand why you would use carbon for spokes, when the...
  4. kennf

    Joe Friel "Breakthrough" sessions are ....what??

    Don't know--never had a breakthrough.
  5. kennf

    Have Lance and Frankie made up?

    I think Versus should hire Lemond, just to increase the drama.
  6. kennf

    Lance positive?

    Agreed. Some other podium finishers with no positives: Ullrich (7) Raimondas Rumsas (1) Ivan Basso (2) Vinokurov (1 podium placing before testing positive)
  7. kennf

    Lance positive?

    I would say the majority of people who question whether Lance was clean do not "hate" him, although I realize that using the term "hater" makes people sound really hip. And it appears that this Lance doping thread was started by a "lover," not a "hater."
  8. kennf

    Have Lance and Frankie made up?

    That could be because Andreau knows what he's talking about and won't ask absurd questions, like "Are you disappointed you didn't win the yellow jersey on the first day?" Or, "How do you know when to change gears?" Lance's battle of words has always been with Frankie's wife, not Frankie...
  9. kennf

    Nice, fresh new look!

    If the updates mean that Flyer is gone, then I may actually check out this forum again!
  10. kennf

    Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré

    This may be Valverde's last race for a long time, so he's going to go all out.
  11. kennf

    Kohl has balls afterall

    Because (1) you're not seeking any quid pro quo (i.e. getting a lighter suspension), and (2) you risk being sued.
  12. kennf

    Legal trouble for Kohl & the chicken

    I wasn't aware of the link between Rasmussen and Matschiner.
  13. kennf

    Indoor vs. Outdoor power. Increase? Decrease? The same?

    Yep, it's also the reason why your butt will get more sore for a similar time period when you're indoors. You tend to relax your upper body/ core.
  14. kennf

    Is WKO+ worth the cost?

    Not natively. I believe there are ways to use the windows emulation software (VMWare, Parallels) on a Mac to make it doable. There are a few threads on this.
  15. kennf

    Bike trainers

    The Kurt Kinetic is great, but goes for around $325 (US dollars). If you're just looking for general fitness, a magnetic trainer is fine (Blackburn or similar), and cheaper. Avoid the wind-based trainers (with the metal fins on the resistance unit) simply because they are loud. And get a...
  16. kennf

    Tensing legs at night

    Weird question- as I start riding more I find myself constantly tensing up my legs at night, almost like I'm doing isometrics. Legs are always tired in the morning, and I feel like I'm never recovering from rides, regardless of how easy I take it the first few days after a hard workout. Is...
  17. kennf

    This Forum is not dying

    Should a new thread be started titled "This forum is dead?" The only people posting anymore are Flyer with his invisible posts, and Sherlock the spam-bot.
  18. kennf

    The worst thing about the IOC positives

    And still, Flyer is so stupid he doesn't realize he's bumping a current thread.
  19. kennf

    The worst thing about the IOC positives

    Damn that press! Always finding out stuff. Is there actually a written protocal whether information can be announced before a "B" test?