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    Does anyone here use energy gels while riding?

    What are the long term effects associated with using energy gels? I have never used such gels before and I have no plan of using them. I fear using new products that have never been tested for long. Some of those products may be having long term effects that can be dangerous. I always eat a...
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    Bike repairs

    Nowadays I easily do it myself. Sometimes back I used to worry about getting dirty while greasing my bike but nowadays am comfortable since am sure that I can save some money which I should instead of giving it to the mechanic. Repairing your bike is easy he you can follow simple diy tips that...
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    Avoiding Accidents On The Road

    We must obey the road rules if we want to avoid accidents even though most accidents have been linked to careless driving. We must also know all the traffic signs so that we can easily use our roads. It is nowadays becoming difficult for cyclists to ride in cities because of that traffic...
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    Is this used bike worth?

    I can see that the bike is in good condition. What I don't know about is the condition of it's bearings. There will be no need of buying this bike if you will have to repair it immediately after delivery. Another issue is the condition of the gear lever. If it has broken in any way then it will...
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    Extra wheels during races?

    I think that you don't need extra wheels considering the time that you have and your competitors. A professional cyclist should know about the brand of tires he should be using in competitions. Since competition is about time, one is likely to lose if they can stop to change their wheels. In a...
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    Is Single Speed Good For Commute And Long Distance?

    Remember that single speed bikes were the first to be manufactured and were commonly used for both long and short distance travelling. As long as you get used to riding them, you can always travel to wherever you want to travel to. I have a neighbor who bought a single speed bike in 1978 and he...
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    Cycling to work an impossible goal for me?

    It can't be an impossible goal. You should continue cycling to work since you'll get used to it. If you are finding cycling to be hard, buy a foldable bike which you can easily carry whenever you'll have to board a bus. Remember that practise makes perfect and you should never give up.
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    How to get over fear of cycling?

    You will first need to get used to cycling in a group. You can follow your friends or family members whenever they go out cycling. You will also need to know basic road signs and rules so that you won't get yourself breaking them. You must be forced to avoid cycling on busy roads until you get...
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    How do you avoid getting too sweaty

    The best option is to avoid wearing heavy clothes while cycling. You will have to avoid putting on your sweater or any other clothes that can make you sweat. Try having a cold shower before cycling to work. If the problem persists then you can consider buying an electric bike.
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    Why don't more women ride?

    Most women don't take sporting seriously unless they are sure that they can make money out of it. Others consider cycling as men's sports and that is why they can't ride. I was also thinking how difficult it is for someone with menstruation to cycle. It also takes time for a lady who has given...
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    Share your favorite quotes.

    ''There is no genuine fraternity unless there is a sincere recognition of equality of personalities'' I read this quote long time ago, back in 1996 in a book called Religion In The Campus. Unfortunately the book got lost and I can't remember the author. Anybody who has ever read that book please...
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    Bikers and drivers

    It is usually safe to drive on lanes meant for cyclists. Unfortunately not all roads have lanes for bicycles. Drivers have to obey road rules or get prosecuted. You can record them using a video camera and keep the video for your evidence. Unless such drivers are taken to court then we should...
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    Uci official alerted others to police operations against hidden motors

    It is unfortunate that most cyclists don't believe in themselves. They have become greedy only competing for trophies or money but don't care about the sport. Unless strict rules are introduced, cycling will never be the same again. Anybody who is found having a fixed motor on their bicycles...
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    Beginners - buying new or second hand?

    I recommend that she buys a new bike if she has the money to. A second hand bike may be having other mechanical issues thereby forcing the buyer to spend more on repairs. If she doesn't want to spend more on a new bike then she can buy a second hand one. If possible, I advice her to check the...
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    Where are the best bike shops ?

    London has many bike stores. But lately you don't need to move around shops to compare prices since you can do it online. It will be cheaper for you to order for accessories online. This will save you time and money since you will avoid moving from one shop to another. There are a lot of...
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    We don't need oil anymore. Now what?

    Middle East economies are preparing for the worst since they depended solely on money got from oil sales. I don't care about that as long as we are keen on making this world a better place. We have had enough of the fumes which have resulted to climate change and deaths. For now the world should...
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    Why i love donald j. trump

    I don't like him. He knows nothing about his country's foreign relations. He only thinks that Islam is the only issue to be addressed in America. He seems not to be having any idea about security since he has never outlined his plans in depth. He always preaches hatred among Americans. I wish...
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    Why i love donald j. trump

    I don't like him. He knows nothing about his country's foreign relations. He only thinks that Islam is the only issue to be addressed in America. He seems not to be having any idea about security since he has never outlined his plans in depth. He always preaches hatred among Americans. I wish...
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    Mechanical Assistance In Cycling

    A rider was banned when it was realised that the rear hub had a hidden motor. He used to activate it from the handle via Bluetooth. That affected his reputation as he was completely banned. I think that bikes meant for competition should be bought from a single approved manufacturer to avoid any...
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    Taking a bike overseas

    I think that carrying a bike won't be convenient. I will prefer that you hire one if you will not get the money to buy a bike. You will have to consider where you can store it. There are foldable bikes that you can buy if you have to travel with a bike but unfortunately they cost more. You can...