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  1. hwttdz

    how to free a stuck cassette

    My cassette is stuck on my wheel, I've removed the lockring and it still won't budge. What should I do to get it free. It's a steel freebody and 105 9 cassette. Thanks for any help.
  2. hwttdz

    carbon post that doesn't pinch

    I'm sure a lot of you are familiar how a carbon post can pinch after a while. By which I mean where the notch in the seattube is the carbon kind of bunches up. I think I heard of a seatpost that had a flat area in the back so this did not happen, does anyone know what this is? Or is there one...
  3. hwttdz

    preventing unused shoe bolts from rattling

    I'm using the look bolts on my shoes but they also have spd holes, how can I prevent the spd plate from rattling when I'm not using it? I already tried putting a flat bolt in there but it didn't fit under the cleat just right. Thanks.
  4. hwttdz

    Shimano/Campagnolo brake shoe compatibility

    For those who are wondering the answer would be a no, the bolts aren't the right size. I remedied the problem by popping out the pads, changing the mounting hardware (took it from my old brake pads) and putting the pads back in.
  5. hwttdz

    Chains are commodities?

    Carry a sram powerlink, which is only a few bucks, $4 ish, and it might save you from having to walk. Or ride with a friend who you can hold on to and tow you home...not really I've done both but the first is a better idea.
  6. hwttdz

    130 spacing ok?

    Truthfully I'm not interested in looking for other frames right now, I have a number of reasons for liking this frame including that it can definitely be used for time trial racing on the road if I decide track isn't all that great. Thanks though.
  7. hwttdz

    130 spacing ok?

    I'm looking at getting a first track frame but a frame that I really like is labeled as a triathalon frame, so it has 130mm frame spacing but it does have the horizontal dropouts. Is it possible to use this frame with standard track wheels i.e. those that say they have 120mm spacing.
  8. hwttdz

    TdF: July 2, 2005 - 19 Km TT

    I know it was a much shorter prologue at the Dauphiné and Hincapie has taken a little break and then done a little bit of a different type of training, but I wouldn't be too suprised to see George Hincapie in at least the top ten and likely around 20 seconds off the winner's pace. But then...
  9. hwttdz

    Bike friendly employers

    I was wondering if anyone knew of employers who offered benefits to cyclists, I was on the local mass transit website and saw some information about cyclists being reimbursed for parking they're not using and other things like that and I was wondering if anyone knew of employers where this...
  10. hwttdz

    Achilles Tendon Problem....

    I know my brother has had achilles problems. If it hasn't been too bad he has been able to wear an ankle brace type thing which seems to help take some of the strain off of it. I suppose this would also be a good preventative but you wouldn't be able to generate the same power. He says he's...
  11. hwttdz

    Ebay shorts

    I saw a post, I think it was on this forum, some time ago about a company that sold shorts on ebay for very reasonable prices. Someone had talked to the owner and they were very helpful. I was looking for the seller but couldn't find them, and now I can't find the thread doing a search. Does...
  12. hwttdz

    Shimano/Campagnolo brake shoe compatibility

    If I get campy brake shoes can I mount thoes on Shimano brakes?
  13. hwttdz

    Tied and Soldered?

    Would it make them harder to true? Because if the benefits are questionable but there are no drawbacks I don't see how it could hurt to try it.
  14. hwttdz

    Tied and Soldered?

    Why would you tied and solder spokes on a wheel?
  15. hwttdz

    Pro tour team scoring

    So it's based on the teams classification for each race which is still determined by the times of the first three riders from a team on each stage. What happened between places 9 and 10 at P-N? Was there a non pro tour team in there? The individual leader gets to wear a jersey, but is there...
  16. hwttdz

    Pro tour team scoring

    I was just looking at how the pro tour was scored, here's a good ref . The individual part seems easy enough but what really boggles me is the team scoring. Anyone know what on earth is going on there?
  17. hwttdz

    Advice on upgrading Campy components

    If you have everything you need but it's going to expire I say pick up a new chain and cassette, you're going to need to replace them eventually. Maybe chainrings but those last a little longer. If you got them though you'd have any of the tech that campy claims helps, the chain doesn't know...
  18. hwttdz

    The Secret to Warm Toes (and other cold weather tips)

    Ok, it's cold here...really cold. And my toes have a tendency to freeze, very not fun. Anyhow the neoprene booties help a little but still I needed more to keep my toes warm. My solution which works quite well is to tear off two sheets of aluminum foil, roughly square, and put them over your...
  19. hwttdz

    Sidi Carbon Mega?

    Do any of the carbon soled sidi's come in a mega width?
  20. hwttdz

    integrated vs conventional headsets

    I've since installed an integrated headset, the cartridiges are not force fit, they're just dropped in, very easy to install but it implies that there is going to be a significant (still too small to see with the naked eye most likely) amount of movement. In conventional headsets the cups are...