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  1. Bob Ross

    Can garmin varia radar talk to a wahoo elemnt?

    Answering my own question...Yes It Can:
  2. Bob Ross

    Can garmin varia radar talk to a wahoo elemnt?

    Back story: Wife was in a catastrophic crash last year, fractured her C2 vertebrae, had emergency spine surgery which fused C1-4. She'll permamently have restricted range of motion in side-to-side rotation ...and yet she wants to get back on the bike. (Eventually.) We're modifying her cockpit...
  3. Bob Ross

    Archetypes or dt swiss 460s?

    I have a couple sets of wheels w/ DT460 rims. No complaints, and if I needed another pair I'd use them again. ...that is, if DT stiill makes them. Seems like every time I need a new wheelset DT has "upgraded" their rim models and so it's actually rare for me to have two sets w/ the same rims on...
  4. Bob Ross


    Hooray! finally Cycling Forums can compete with Bike for epic troll pissing-match drama. Took long enough; this site used to be nothing but newbs asking the same three guys for advice on "What Do You Think Of This (insert name of product, accomplishment, or sales pitch)?" Thanks for...
  5. Bob Ross

    What is your greatest challenge as a rider?

    It's the ones who don't need tools to break bike chains that you need to worry about!
  6. Bob Ross

    How many miles can you cover in one ride?

    Markleeville Death Ride has a total of 15,000' of climbing: You go from ~5,000' to ~8,000' each time you do one of those five climbs.
  7. Bob Ross

    Why no wide toe boxes?

    Don't quote me on this, I just got this tidbit from another internet cycling forum, but it was suggested that if you're looking at SIDI and decide their regular models aren't wide enough, don't just switch to the "Mega" version, but also go up one size. So iow if you normally wear a size 44...
  8. Bob Ross

    What's Your Average Pace?

    "Average Pace" is for average people.
  9. Bob Ross

    Tips to get chain completely clean on-bike?

    Irrespective of whether or not it's wise to want to obsessively flush everything out from your chain might want to try removing the chain from the bike and - putting it in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with a citrus degreaser; then - flush it with a water displacing agent (aka, WD-40)...
  10. Bob Ross

    What's your plans for next month?

    Next month I'm doing the Triple Bypass
  11. Bob Ross

    Do you always carry a spare inner tube with you? and a pump?

    All of my bikes have a pump clipped to the frame and a saddlebag containing (2) spare tubes, a pair of tire levers, & a multitool strapped to the saddle. Never leave home without them.
  12. Bob Ross

    Sram red crankset installation question

    Are you replacing the Rival crankset with a Red crankset? If so, you should grease the new spindle bolt. Or, are you re-using the existing (2012) Rival crankset? If so, you should remove, grease, and reinstall the existing (2012) spindle bolt.
  13. Bob Ross

    Tire balance

    Thread drift: The best reason imho for putting the valve stem at the label is for when you get a flat: Once you've found the hole in the tube you now know exactly where to look on the tire for that piece of glass, metal, etc. E.g., if the hole in the tube is at the 3 o'clock position relative...
  14. Bob Ross

    Bell vs giro: what is the leading brand in bicycling helmets?

    Aren't Bell & Giro owned by the same company?
  15. Bob Ross

    What color headlight for best night vision?

    OP, you may be asking the wrong question. Rather than "What color headlight for best night vision?" consider "What color eyewear lenses for best night vision?". There's far more research and empirical studies that support that approach, going back to the early part of the 20th Century.
  16. Bob Ross

    Why would you draft a stranger?

    It's the remora paradigm: At best it is commensalism, in your case it turned into parasitism. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, bro.
  17. Bob Ross

    Anybody here using the polar m450?

    Anybody here using the Polar M450? My wife's been using one for maybe a year, and she keeps having problems with the computer not "finding" her sensors. Apparently Polar's customer service sucks, so she's looking for an end user with experience troubleshooting this device. If you've got any...
  18. Bob Ross

    Did You Ride Today?

    15 mile workout in total darkness at 6:00AM this morning. Was following my wife, who was doing some short high-intensity intervals, but after a few miles she said she wasn't comfortable having someone on her wheel when she was speeding up and slowing down, so I passed her and did a longer...
  19. Bob Ross

    Did You Ride Today?

    Commuted today. 23°F this morning. Worst part of the ride was, after arriving at my office I pulled off my gloves, then grabbed my bike by the stem to push it into the loading dock...I felt like that kid in "A Christmas Story" who gets his tongue stuck to the freezing flag pole!
  20. Bob Ross

    What is the longest ride you've ever done?

    Longest single one-day ride I've ever done was somewhere around 135-140 miles, back in 2010 when I did the Markleeville Death Ride. And I am in no hurry to even approach that distance again!