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  1. Paulie-AU

    BNE: Wanted, cheapish tandem

    Lotte and I wanted one first. :mad: Dibs. :D
  2. Paulie-AU

    Are these average speeds any good?

    It is amazing how much you can pick up speed buy working that little bit more. There is a section in a loop that I do and if I am not paying attention I can end up doing 25km/h along it (rough surface slight incline) but when I actually pay attention I ride it at 35km/h + without much more...
  3. Paulie-AU

    Small Road Bike for Sale

    What top tube length do you require? Lotte's new bike is going to be the same size with a substantially shorter top tube (Beauty of a WSD frame). It is very easy to move a seat up and down.
  4. Paulie-AU

    should I race this Sat...

    I would lean towards Man up and race if you think you have recovered enough. If not you could send yourself backwards.
  5. Paulie-AU

    Ultegra vs. SRAM Rival

    I will be definately be seriously considering SRAM Force on my next build. I rode SRAM ESP 9.0 back in the day and it was brilliant. I also was running XTR on another bike at the same time. As soon as SRAM released their X-9 range I installed it and it ran without problem (still is) and...
  6. Paulie-AU

    Racing power levels

    Yeah, by that I would have a power output around 5 W/kg at least. I don't train enough to have that much power. I race Cat 2/3. But I guess it is different all over the place.
  7. Paulie-AU

    A Game to Complain About.

    I always thought mole surfing would be more fun.
  8. Paulie-AU

    Unconfortable pain behind knee ... opinions ?

    I had the same problem after changing frames and losing my measurements in the 6 weeks it took for a warranty frame to show up. In the end I set it up as per basic recommendations. Moving the seat foward 8mm got rid of the pain.
  9. Paulie-AU

    picked up my new Moots Vamoots yesterday...

    Drool. Not for the wheels though :D
  10. Paulie-AU

    Isn't Bike Gear getting too expensive?

    I love that the top end is so expensive. Nothing better than riding past someone on super bling who is struggling. Same in races, Love it. :D But if owning the super bling makes them happier then good for them. Better for them to be out on their bike then running me over in their oversized...
  11. Paulie-AU

    Such thing as burning 900 kcalories/hour?

    Data from two years ago confidential? Everyone who races him knows if he is fast or not. Let us mere mortals see some cool power figures..............Please :(
  12. Paulie-AU

    Just Ride on power and not HR

    If you haven't the heart, power means SFA. :cool:
  13. Paulie-AU

    Racing level 3 or 4 : Budget group to buy?

    I race 9speed ultegra at a Cat 2 level and have no problems with it. As for performance, in theory the 9 speed Ultegra should be at least on par with 105 (evolution blah blah blah). I would actually think that internal components in shifters in Ultegra is still better than 105. Dura ace...
  14. Paulie-AU

    greasing rear wheel hubs

    Only bother with this if they are acually high quality steel. No cheapo rubbish ;)
  15. Paulie-AU

    What do you use?

    Are you racing or riding recreationally? In the past I have had new tyres for every race. Training rides in between races would chop tyres to bits. Generally I would tear off/undercut corner knobs. The best lifetime came from Michelin <sp?> DH tyres.
  16. Paulie-AU

    when to raise seat?

    And you then put the seat back to the original position why?
  17. Paulie-AU

    29 Inch rims

    29ers have their advantage on smooth flowing tracks. The smaller diameter of 26" allows for better change of direction and quicker acceleration. If riding lots of technical single track as you say I would recommend 26" Admittedly a 29er looks more normal on a big rider but a 26" MTB does also.
  18. Paulie-AU

    brakeing down a mountain. :s

    How late did you leave your braking? Did you actually need to go as slow as you thought?
  19. Paulie-AU

    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    Yeah that is true. I was just thinking of the power output of Rennie on flat pedals, and the fact that he beat the AIS track team.
  20. Paulie-AU

    Poor man's Powercranks? (PPC)

    Being completely unqualified in this, personally I find in racing if I need to bridge a gap sometimes the only way to do so is to focus on the lift part of my pedal stroke because I really have nothing more to give on the downstroke. Sure I use energy to create the speed (wonderful law of...