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  1. gubaguba

    Do we hate cars?

    I own one a car that is. Never been an obsession and just really need it to get from point a to point b. I don't hate cars. Cars are object and do no good or evil by themselves. It is only when they become vehicles for a sick person's will that they become hated. Arrogance, self importance...
  2. gubaguba

    cyclist shot

    Take what you like but my take on it is this. You spend years in front of the TV shooting people while playing video games. You watch TV and you see people shooting each other. You listen to music and hear how people shoot each other. You live in a house were guns are left around and not...
  3. gubaguba

    When did the shifters start appearing next to the brakes?

    There has been many various ways to bring shifting closer to your hands. Campy had bar end shifter back in the early eighties for sure maybe even earlier than that. Shimano integrated brakes and shifters with STI early 90's. The local bike shop had something that made me laugh. The two were...
  4. gubaguba

    Wheel trouble / Seeking opinions on what happened here

    Well I agree no riding as the spoke will soon pull through the rim. I have only seen something similar one other time. I once was involved in an auto accident and my rim was badly damaged. Normally I would have had the wheel rebuilt but I was leaving on a charity ride (Boston to NY Aids Ride)...
  5. gubaguba

    Night riding and LIGHT CHOICE

    Steve that sounds like some pretty interesting stuff I hope you will keep us informed about your progress. How are you going about connection the generators? Got any photos of progress so far?
  6. gubaguba

    Lights to see in the Dark

    Here is the way I look at it. How much is your life worth to you. Thats really the decision you are making. If you are not seen or don't see something than the results are to be expected and most probably not to your liking. Get the biggest brightest lite you can find and afford because your...
  7. gubaguba

    Rain gear! What do you guys wear and what do you do?

    I have a gortex suit pants and jacket best thing I found for the rain. If its a warm rain then you sweat like crazy in it. The spring rains are cold here in New Jersey so not much of an issue. Its also great on very cold days. Feet alway get wet always get cold, comes right through the...
  8. gubaguba

    OT: eBay lunacy

    More money than sense I guess. It is far worse at an actual real auction with live bidding. I once stood and watched someone pay far more for a used photo item than it sold new. The funny thing was I happened to be standing next to one of the pricipals of perhaps the largest retail photo...
  9. gubaguba

    BB Creak : Loctite 660 vs Teflon Cream

    It appeared to me that there was some type of thread lock on the BB when I first got it. Using loctite no problems been trouble free since I installed it.
  10. gubaguba

    Performance Bike customer service sucks.

    Doesn't seem awful. My last experience was shipping took 12 days from their warehouse in Virginia or Maryland I think to New Jersey. When I questioned them about it they said it was normal time to New Jersey. My responce was "do you realize I could ride my bike there and back in less time and...
  11. gubaguba

    The Deer was Interested!

    Most likely the Rut. I would think it would start earlier up north not usually until October here. Male deer do all sorts of crazy things usually that makes for interesting reading in the local paper once or twice a season. I guess its no worse than buying a sports car and paying for...
  12. gubaguba

    My illegal cycling activities

    Riding a bike while drunk is a punishable offence in New Jersey. You can loose your drivers licence same as if you were driving a car. Make sence actually and I agree with it. Though I only heard of one person being caught I think he actually drove into a police officer along the beach front...
  13. gubaguba

    Got Hit

    Some things as this New Jersey Native can tell you about being hit and I have on more than one occasion been slammed. Call the police (eliminate you said, they said) Go to the hospital. (The ambulence put on the siren and lights for me) many problems do not manifest themselves till days...
  14. gubaguba

    Campy Record noisey drive train

    My experience has been the opposite my Campy has been silent compared to Shimano equiped bikes my own included. I to am anal about road noise so I relate. It can ruin an otherwise nice ride.
  15. gubaguba

    58cm Trek owners- how tall are you?

    I'm 6'3 and ride a trek 58 with no issues inseam is 35" I also ride a Dacccordi 61 cm frame and have no problems with it either. The trek is a little more compact and I am a bit more upright. I tend to be a bit more laid out on the Daccordi and it feels to me as if its a faster position...
  16. gubaguba

    I need shoe reviews!!

    Sidi or Carnac love them both. I think it is so personal though. I tried on every pair of shoe I could before I settled I would suggest the same for you.
  17. gubaguba

    Bike Shopping and LBS attitude...

    Well I'm lucky in that there are a lot of LBS here on the New Jersey Shore. I've got most everything I need and do my own repairs so can't say I go to them often. A while back I was receiving a whole lot of attitude from the owner of a shop in Atlantic Highlands NJ. My feeling was the the...
  18. gubaguba

    Looking for bicycle storage ideas.

    Acually I think that idea is a pretty good one. Though electric motors may be a bit of over kill. I like to keep my projects simple. The pulley system was exactly what I was thinking.
  19. gubaguba

    Alloy/composite mix vs. all composite?

    Yet you provide no helpful information of your own. So why do you bother? Is it just to have a high number of posts?
  20. gubaguba

    Should I weld my frame?

    Probably buy a new frame. Unless it is of particularly high value or some sentimental value. Your right the geometry will be slightly changed. You could get a shop to correct this if they have the proper equipment but that will cost you. In the end you will have a fixed frame of dubious...