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  1. dougal

    Wheels for a fat guy

    Who is Sydney's best wheelbuilder out of interest?
  2. dougal

    LOOK 555 ? Opinions/Experiences

    I am looking for a new road bike for 100-150 km rides over mixed roads with some climbing. occasional time trial just for fun I ride 250km a week
  3. dougal

    LOOK 555 ? Opinions/Experiences

    Does anyone have this frame? What do you think of it? Whta kind of riding do you do?
  4. dougal

    Cannondale Synapse v. Six13

    I am looking at a new bike as well (have 2003 R2000) and seriously considering 2005 six13 with DA. Also interested in any feedback.
  5. dougal

    Baum Road Frames

    Does anyone have one? Custome Frames made in Melbourne I think
  6. dougal

    Colnago c50 or ct2?

    What is the difference? For road racing, long rides 100k+ What else?
  7. dougal

    Dura Ace STI 7800 rebuild

    Is it possible to repair Dura Ace 7800 STIs? My left (F-D) STI doesn't sit back in its hood after coffee shop fall. It works but shifting is less precise. Think a small internal part is broken or bent.
  8. dougal

    Campy Neutron Wheelset

    The other wheelsets I am considering are Velomax Tempest ii and Circuits Have heard that Mavics are not worth the $$$
  9. dougal

    Campy Neutron Wheelset

    Does anyone have these? Thinking of buying a set ... What kind of riding do you do? Are they durable? What else would you consider? Would you use with D/A 10 speed? I am 6,2 90kg and reasonably strong. I like riding hills and longer rides (100k+) Cheers
  10. dougal

    Brakes rub when out of saddle

    Same problem here with Ksyrium SLs (90kg rider 7000km on wheelset) Have only had the problem recently but I think it is because the rear brake was not centered properly
  11. dougal

    pegoretti bikes???

    pegoretti - anyone got one - what is the big deal?
  12. dougal

    Wheel durability data-base: enter your data here:

    2004 Ksyrium SLs 5000kms 91kgs (215lb?) No need to true
  13. dougal

    Centaur 10 speed versus Ultegra 10 speed

    thanks for posting and keeping this thread near the top of the list!
  14. dougal

    Centaur 10 speed versus Ultegra 10 speed

    Which is better and why?
  15. dougal

    Wheelset - Mavic Ksyrium Elites or Campag Zondas?

    Which one should I get? Mavic Ksyrium Elites or Campag Zondas? To go on bike with Centaur What are the plus/minus?
  16. dougal

    Why the variation in Aust bike part prices? Best shop LBS or internet?

    thanks guys guess i will shop around and not at Clarence Street Cycles
  17. dougal

    Why the variation in Aust bike part prices? Best shop LBS or internet?

    Where is the best Sydney bike shop for road bike stuff? There is large variation in prices for exactly the same components For example Ksyrium SLs wheelest - AU $2000 Clarence St Cycles (ouch!) - AU $1500 just about anywhere else in Australia - AU $1000 from the UK
  18. dougal

    Giant 2005 TCR1 opinions

    Thinking about buying a 2005 tcr 1 - any opinions, anyone have one yet? Seems like a good deal? What else would you consider for the same price?
  19. dougal

    Ultegra 10 speed

    Anyone got a bike with Ultegra 10 speed - any opinions - how does it compare to DA 10 speed and/or 9 speed Ultegra?
  20. dougal

    Buying a new bike but don't know where to start!

    Hi, I want to upgrade my Giant OCR to a new bike but feel swamped by the choice. I'm willing to spend upto $4000 has anyone any suggestions or which bikes to avoid?