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  1. Meek One

    Getting to 300 watts?

    Dave, good response as usual, but I think you misread his last sentence. He is NOT 60kg, if he were he thought he'd do well (5wts/kg), but even at his current wt(unknown) would still do ok in races with a 300ftp. This is what I think he meant.;)
  2. Meek One

    H1N1 Vaccine

  3. Meek One

    H1N1 Vaccine

    There was a huge outbreak of the 'new' flu in my area. I usually got really, really sick when I got the regular old flu of yesteryear. This one did NOTHING to me all the while thinking I was going to die after listening to all the media hype. I got the little scratchy throat, mild cough, some...
  4. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    You're kidding, right?
  5. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    Actually it takes a lot of practice to start perfectly and not lose an easy second or more before you even began... Finishing takes heart, Starting takes practice. or for Frost 'finnishing' :)
  6. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    Psst, Masters Worlds. ;)
  7. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    Frost, you're such a humble, nice guy. Remember folks this is the same man with good aerodynamics and a 360+ FTP that doesn't think he can go under 60min on a 40k TT... :p
  8. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    Steve, I think he was referring to the old school 4-6 hours of mindless riding as volume type of work. Since Frost and others now focus on the shorter 2x20s and the such there is much less of a chance of losing that much speed especially if he is training it. Speed can be gained and lost very...
  9. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    We all know that by now and several thousand threads later that gym work doesn't do anything significant for 99% of cycling. However the 1% it does make a difference in is 'starts', as Hoy alluded to in the post above. Frost, the OP, wants to do a kilo, which begins with a 'start' and therefore...
  10. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    Felt, if you aren't already doing this, I'd suggest a 1-legged leg press. You get a much greater ROM and it is much more cycling specific. ;)
  11. Meek One

    Once more: gyming to improve power

    Frost, PM coming soon... ;) -Meek
  12. Meek One

    Old Polar Power sensor (not CS..)

    Was wondering if any of you power junkies have an old Polar power sensor that you'd be willing to let go of? I am building up a winter bike and would like some power numbers, especially now that it seems that I can't ride without a power meter.:o I am looking for the one that would work with a...
  13. Meek One

    Brooks saddles... whats the deal?

    Brooks makes bar tape too...:p
  14. Meek One

    Goals Galore, v2.009

    +1. Way to go Piotr. Can't wait to see what you have in store for next year. :p
  15. Meek One

    First road bikes - unable to test before I buy?

    Really?!? :eek: If you are going to be in the saddle for 3 hours a day, you better like your bike. Find a different bike and go test them now!
  16. Meek One

    how fast amateur female cyclists go?

    Not a chick, but I'd guess 22-24ish(MPH) on flats w/ a road bike in the drops.
  17. Meek One

    Best products for Protein & recovery

    NO!!! It does work that way in cycling. My quads, Tony Zachery's quads (and calves) are probably much stronger (in the gym) than a Cancellara, Millar, or other TT machines. Gym strength does not translate into sustainable bike speed with the key word being sustainable. Ask Felt Rider if you...
  18. Meek One

    Best products for Protein & recovery

    Be one of those goofy guys with awesome calves that each time he takes a step does a full calf raise...we won't laugh too much.
  19. Meek One

    For the power geeks out there

    See, if you read these forums you pick up on 'secrets'--- like we see here under 'how to remove excess weight when you are already lean'...tooth removal. Good to know. :)