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  1. whiteboytrash

    Lance Armstrong Won't Fight Usada Charges

    So. I was right all along. 7 years if arguing to be proven correct. Armstrong the doper. How about that.
  2. whiteboytrash

    Discovery in disarray.... ?

    The blue train. We meet again. So how's things? How you dealing with the whole blue train drug thing? It was all just one big lie. Surprised you kept the name.
  3. whiteboytrash

    Discovery in disarray.... ?

    He did start the Bruyneel program. Nearly killed the kid. He's in a safer place now.
  4. whiteboytrash

    Lance disses AC!

    Lance Armstrong's Trophy Boy | - Comments the besr.
  5. whiteboytrash

    With Rebellin down let's kick him too!

    Yes it's shocking. The guy only stole an Olympic medal and told the world he is clean. Now it appears he spent his entire life as a drug addict and dragging his wife into dingy dark hotels to buy his fix. Whilst he was injecting **** into his blood he was more than happy to cheat his fellow...
  6. whiteboytrash

    The worst thing about the IOC positives

    I'd go as far to say that once the clean influence of Levi left the team they all decended into rampent drug use.
  7. whiteboytrash

    The worst thing about the IOC positives

    It's because the UCI are accountable to no one. No one outside cycling Internet forums gives a **** if tests are covered up or if protocol is followed or not. If the UCI were voted in by cyclists & the fans then I'm sure things would be a lot different. Everytime another cyclist gets banged up...
  8. whiteboytrash

    Well said Cycling Weekly Yeah it was good. Even Filippo Simeoni has lost the plot !
  9. whiteboytrash

    Ullrich to Race again in Germany

    Jan Ullrich Will Be Back Teutonic terror of the track and Tour de France champion Jan Ullrich may be returning to cycling, his former teammate, Danilo Hondo, told German tabloid Bild. The first German to win a Tour de France title won't be slipping onto the pedals or stretching into the tight...
  10. whiteboytrash

    Well said Cycling Weekly

    AN OPEN LETTER TO PAT McQUAID The Wednesday Comment returns after a three-week break to find cycling's credibility once again teetering on the edge of an abyss. The sport is dominated by a culture of one-eyed self-interest, with seemingly few people prepared to stand up for the notion of...
  11. whiteboytrash

    How did I miss this?

    Love it ! LA on the blow ! I wanna post this on other forums and read the replies....."Give Lance a break. Every champion needs to unwind now and then with a bit blow. What can't you give him a break. What ? Likes its not ok with snort a bit coke and pull chics half your age ? I wish you guys...
  12. whiteboytrash

    Rebellin positive !!

    There are rumors of Canc testing positive. As one cyclist tested positive twice which could only mean him ??
  13. whiteboytrash

    Go Kloden!

    Not confirmed by the IOC but the Italian cycling federation has confirmed. Geez Gerosteiner was one filthy team. How could they keep taking CERA after the Tour ??!!! The UCI has to test the Giro samples now.
  14. whiteboytrash

    Rebellin positive !!
  15. whiteboytrash

    Go Kloden!

    Rebellin was one of them !!
  16. whiteboytrash

    Go Kloden!

    Geez Armstrong must have been on a lot of gear. 3 stages in a row and beating the best doping prepared team in the world T-Mobile all on his own !
  17. whiteboytrash

    How did I miss this?

    Your link has been pulled but here's the report. What a reptile ! ____ Poor Lance Armstrong can't catch a break—well, aside from actually breaking his collarbone during a race in Spain, we mean. After crashing during the run-up to his stunningly ambitious eighth Tour de France, Lance was on a...
  18. whiteboytrash

    Go Kloden!

    Question remains what was the UCI doing ? It was ASO who pulled Basso & Ullrich and still the T-Mobile guys had no problems transfusing. There had to be deals going on. Like it was said the rich teams can afford the pay offs. Didn't the UCI say after 1998 that doping was a minor indivdual...
  19. whiteboytrash

    Go Kloden!

    Gear or no gear I still think Kloden looked great on a bike. A little fragile in mind but his pedalling technique was so smooth. Hasten to say Andy Shleck looks a little similar in terms of efficiency.
  20. whiteboytrash

    Go Kloden!

    Yep the good old days in the back of the T-Mobile bus. I thought they only hung out in their kniicks and applied oil on each other.