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  1. Roadie_scum

    Cannot improve sprint

    Mmmm. If only Australian cycling treated committed, specialized athletes like Bridie O'Donnell and Phil Thaux better... once you become too political in your selections, it's all over for performance. Don't know how well Phil was going before Beijing but he was on the outer the whole time. And...
  2. Roadie_scum

    too good for 3 not good enough for 1-2

    This is not an uncommon experience for people who have recently upgraded and it can be a little disheartening. I would recommend taking a step back and identifying what your goals are. I would be surprised if you can get an upgrade but can't find a niche where you will enjoy your racing. It does...
  3. Roadie_scum

    vo2 max intervals.

    Dave I like 'most all of what you say all the time so sorry to quibble, but the heart is intimately connected with O2 transport. Peak cardiac output is a strong determinant of VO2max, which puts a ceiling on aerobic workload. (I'm sure you already know this... but it isn't evident from your...
  4. Roadie_scum

    Cannot improve sprint

    That was my thought too... long rests too.
  5. Roadie_scum

    Level 6

    Yeah I thought you were onto it - just a general point worth making. :)
  6. Roadie_scum

    Level 6

    I understand what you are saying here but just a caveat, please take it in context! It really depends on what you are doing and where you are in your season/training week/etc.
  7. Roadie_scum

    Long Steady Ride

    I think the problem with LSD is the 'S' = slow. For some events it doesn't hurt to get some long rides in, but you still have to be training. FLandis is no longer one of my favourite riders (exogenous test doesn't just 'appear'), but I liked his quote when asked if he did long slow rides...
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    Oh Dear - When Marketing People Do Science

    Um... :eek: Speed1 = x = d/t1 t2 = (100-1.58)/100 X t1 Speed2 = d/t2 Speed change = (d/t1)/(d/t2) X 100 - 100 =t2/t1 X 100 - 100 =3600/3543 X 100 - 100 = 1.61% Avanti have undersold!!!!!!! Oh, that's about 52s. :D And we...
  9. Roadie_scum

    Oh Dear - When Marketing People Do Science

    I actually was looking at that wiki link and trying to work it into the start of this thread. I just wasn't quite smart enough to do it coherently. Well done Alex! :D
  10. Roadie_scum

    Oh Dear - When Marketing People Do Science

    You are going along with the joke or you need to read it again?
  11. Roadie_scum

    Oh Dear - When Marketing People Do Science

    A little off topic but I thought people here would enjoy it. Possibly the stupidest attempt to quantify aerodynamic drag improvements yet: "Avanti also has a new time trial and triathlon frame, the Chrono, and a track frame, the Pista. Wind tunnel testing of the Chrono has resulted in a bike...
  12. Roadie_scum

    Slightly off topic, but i need opinions from Power Forum Readers

    +1 Plenty of gear for P/1/2 crits when I got a compact on my new bike but hadn't built it up with the old groupset a couple of years ago. Can be a little tricky to set up the front derailleur perfectly, but not compared to a triple. Also, less weight and q factor penalty.
  13. Roadie_scum

    Improving 1 Minute Power

    So, I might be better served doing dedicated 30 second intervals with shorter recovery times (maybe 30 sec on and off) since I believe anaerobic power to be my limiter rather than 1 minute intervals? Thanks, H *Roadie yawns and comes out of hibernation!* I think Alex might be suggesting...
  14. Roadie_scum

    Why can't someone like Robbie McEwen climb?

    EG: Aces Scratch Race - 16 Laps 1 Adrian Hanson (Coburg CC) 2 Robbie McEwen (Qld) 3 Stephen Rossendal (Tas) 4 Kial Stewart (ACT) Yet Adrian couldn't finish a road race in the protour if his...
  15. Roadie_scum

    Why can't someone like Robbie McEwen climb?

    You patently do not have the first clue what you are talking about.
  16. Roadie_scum

    Why can't someone like Robbie McEwen climb?

    I was waiting for someone to bite on that... I've seen them do it. QED. :p
  17. Roadie_scum

    Why can't someone like Robbie McEwen climb?

    :rolleyes: First up: 1. Be able to finish 250-300km race or multi-day tour, sometimes with climbs and crosswinds. 2. Win sprint Not all about Anaerobic Capacity and NMP. Second: Anaerobic Capacity starts to be a pretty small part of the puzzle at 5 minutes. Mr McEwen may have slightly...
  18. Roadie_scum

    Max Seated Power Get thee to a velodrome! You may need to rehab your femur before you get into intensive sprint training, which may include weights and hard standing starts, but under guidance of a good coach and physical...
  19. Roadie_scum

    Max Seated Power

    30+ vertical jump? What units?
  20. Roadie_scum

    How do we get rid of these adverts?

    Well done jamesbikerblog - fighting spam with spam!