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  1. Corby2014

    Power meters and Cranks

    Help I need some advice! I'm looking at purchasing a crank power meter, but it seems to be a minefield of compatibility issues. I have a Miche chainset whith a campagnolo group set, the BB is an EVO Max and the size stamp(I think) is BC 1.37" x 24 T I've no idea what this means! I was looking at...
  2. Corby2014

    The Good Old Squeaky Noise Problem!

    Hi All, I'll keep it shortish: Sent bike for a service , BB creaking when climbing, bike has been returned with NO creaking but has now developed a squeak whislt pedalling. The squeak only happens on the road and not when I'm on the Turbo. Squeak occurs on the following: Big Chainring only, rear...