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    Spin Classes

    I got into taking spin classes last year when I joined a larger gym with better trainers/instructors. I immediately fell in love. I notice that when the weather gets nice, membership in those classes drops off substantially. I'm assuming it's because riders prefer to be out riding when the...
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    What's the best way to carry a smartphone that's pretty heat-sensitive?

    When I start riding on trails, I want to carry my phone with me. I have an app called Cardio Trainer that I use to track my other outdoor workouts & I can't wait to use this while cycling. The thing is, it gets pretty dang hot here in Kansas City in the summer. I thought about getting a...
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    Introduction & a question

    Hey y'all! I just joined today. When I was younger & living in a mid-sized midwestern town, I used to bike around ALL the time. I had a decent bike that my parents bought me when I was in 7th grade. If I remember correctly it was an offshoot of the Trek brand. I rode that thing until grad...
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    Need a bike rack for a small framed bike

    I picked up a new bike yesterday from a Trek store, & I got a bike rack from Wal-Mart. The bike rack was too big for the frame of my bike. I'm trying to find one under $75 that would fit a smaller framed bike. Anyone have any suggestions?