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  1. byron27

    Using a PVR to record the Tour

    This is kind of cycling related, as i will be using it to record the Tour. :D I am looking at buying a PVR though am unsure how easy it is to then plug it into my computer and burn the file to DVD (or even if it is possible). Is it an easy venture or would i be better off buying a DVD...
  2. byron27

    Sorry to talk about the weather but....

    i could almost not miss the Perth weather if it is going to stay like this. In fact i can only tell the difference at the moment because im not getting physically threatened every second day im on the bike. Yeah i know though, not good for the watery bits but the worse it is the more it...
  3. byron27

    Forks for sale??

    Leaving Hotham today after the climbing camp we get 100 metres down the road and all of a sudden i can see my bike from the passenger side window. Thinking that that can not be good i get out to find i hadnt tightened the skewer enough and the bike has dropped out snapping off one of the arms of...
  4. byron27

    Soda Stream Cartridges in Melbourne

    Does anyone know where to pick them up in Melbourne?? ive checked Big W and Safeway but no go. And no i dont want to "nang" before a race! just want to use them in my CO2 bike pump!
  5. byron27

    Campy cassette lockring for 12T

    Does anyone have a spare lockring they want to sell in Melbourne? My lockring for my 11-23 doesn't fit. cheers
  6. byron27

    Little Fish Bikes famous in Berlin

    Well, i have finally reached solid ground in Vancouver and got myself plugged in! While i was in Berlin i was checking out this bike shop and got chatting to the sales guy and he said "oh you are from Australia. Have you heard of the Little Fish bikes?". Very spunout. He was very impressed...
  7. byron27

    Sorry, but can't control the excitement!

    Just got a call from the bikeshop and they want me to testride the spankin' new Time VXRS for the weekend!! better not fall off......
  8. byron27

    Long weekend of racing and crashing

    In over two years of riding i have only ever come down once in a race, and that wasn't my fault as i had no where to go (truthfully!). So what happens over the last 4 days? 3 races, 2 crashes. Frist one was on Sunday in Albany. I had been away with another guy for 75k's, had broken away...
  9. byron27

    Cyclist shot in Melbourne

    Cyclist shot in chest From: By Miguel D'Souza March 23, 2006 POLICE have called for witnesses to a shooting on a popular bike trail in Melbourne's north-east. Victoria police have said a woman was shot while riding her bicycle on a popular suburban trail at 9:30am on Tuesday morning...
  10. byron27

    crash on the freeway bike hike?

    Apparently there was quite a crash on the freeway bike hike on the weekend. Any perthies out there do the hike and hear/see the stack?? Rumours are flying around that the culprit had a set of horns ;)
  11. byron27

    WA state 40k TT - the aftermath

    Here are the results: Happy with my result. Just did under the hour, which on that course i am very happy about (for the record the course is actually 40.6km). Def and gumby also completed their maiden voyages on the rough roads of...
  12. byron27

    free stuff, Perth

    Please let me know if this is inappropriate. Its all free so i cant see any problems. I guess this is only for the sandgropers amongst us as i dont know if its worth mailing stuff like this over east but if your real keen..... This is all free to a good home. Im off to Canada (yes, i love...
  13. byron27

    WA state 40k TT

    Hey Duncan, you are starting a minute before me. ah, a rabbit to motivate me......:p
  14. byron27

    Cycling's boony doll

    What with all the excitement over boony watching the cricket and making assorted Australian certified comments in response to Richie et al surely there is some opportunity to make a cycling doll. What are the options: Ullrich doll - shakes uncontrollably whenever the "The biggest loser" is...
  15. byron27

    bio-skins - the cheap alternative

    Was having a bit of think about the benefits of these this morning and was wondering whether a high denier nylon stocking would have the same effect (for a much lower price)?
  16. byron27

    yearly pro cycling almanac. whats it called?

    I know that this year is the first year it is in english and i would like to get a copy. It is either made in Belgium or France. Can't remember which. Anyone remember what the name of the almanac is called?
  17. byron27

    club kit

    Need some new knicks and jerseys but would like to get something a bit different and have been thining about getting some club wear from the USor Europe. I have had a quick look at some clubs from the USCF site but not many sell kit. Does anyone know of some places that specialise in club kit...
  18. byron27

    byron27 - AUS

    I was reading an article on this morning related to modifications done to stock frames to make them more "Protour" compatible and there was link there for the name stickers done for the trek bikes...
  19. byron27

    Tour de Perth report: Corby free zone

    Well, this was my first big challenge of the road season, racing elite men in one of WA's only 2 Cat 1 national races, the Tour de Perth. It consists of a 4.5 uphill TT on saturday morning, 120km road stage around Pickering Brook in the arvo (the killer; all hills. Anyone who has riden it will...
  20. byron27

    Bargain carbon soled road shoes

    These are at parkers in nedlands and are running out the door at only 170 bucks. I have a set of the ones without the rachet system and after 18 months of use i only have great things to say about them. save the money on the sidis, get a set of these and spend the rest on "supplements" ;) ...