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  1. Randyforriding

    Why aren't they going any faster?

    In 1971, Eddy Merckx won the tour with an average speed of 23.8 mph. Forty years later, in 2011, Cadel Evans won it with an average speed of 24.9. Eddy was on a steel frame, aluminum components, toe straps and, supposedly, drug free. Fory years later, on a carbon frame, carbon components...
  2. Randyforriding

    How light is your bike? Poll!

    I have a Davidson. All steel. Even the fork. Mostly Ultegra and Ritchey WCS. I weighed it when I first got it and I recall it being around 21 pounds. May not sound very light, but it is a big frame. Back in the mid seventies, a mid size, pro level bike would weigh about this same amount. I'd say...
  3. Randyforriding

    Interesting info about TDF bikes over the years.
  4. Randyforriding

    Why aren't they going any faster?

    I checked out my friends claim before posting this thread and he is right. Average speed has only increased ten percent since the sixties. This is more than just ten or twenty years. And I don't think you can claim that climate change has anything to do with it. And as stated before, they have...
  5. Randyforriding

    Why aren't they going any faster?

    A friend of mine brought to my attention an interesting fact. The average speed needed to win the TDF hasn't changed much over the years. Supposedly the bikes are lighter and stiffer, training is better, nutrition is better, drugs are better (epo), and there is a larger base of amateur riders to...
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    How to start training to cycle to the top of col de rates Parcent Spain

    I live along the Rocky Mountain front range in Colorado USA. Many long climbs here. I belong to a touring club and we often get riders from other states (flat landers) on our in Colorado tours. Though they can be very strong on the flats and short climbs, few can keep up with the Colorado riders...
  7. Randyforriding

    Analysis paralysis and the one-thousand dollar question

    Regarding frame material, the consensus of opinion is that aluminum bikes, generally speaking, have a harsh ride. Carbon fiber is suposed to absorb shock well. To a large degree it is a matter of frame geometry and tubing size and thickness. Here is a story about my most recent bike purchase...
  8. Randyforriding

    bike fit: the Randy method

    In the early seventies, I started getting a subscription to Bicycling! and got a couple books on cycling. In these, there were formulas on bike fit and general rules of thumb. For many years, I tried to get my bikes to fit the way they were "supposed " to fit and suffered for it. Years later...
  9. Randyforriding

    Help on adjusting SRAM derailleurs?

    OK. That doesn't sound too complicated. Hopefully they won't need readjusting for a while. If the doubletap works the way it's supposed to, it does sound like a better system. My 6700 Ultegra works virtually flawlessly except that the two levers are so close together I sometimes end up pushing...
  10. Randyforriding

    Help on adjusting SRAM derailleurs?

    I'm a Shimano guy. I know Shiman equipment pretty well. If the rear derailleru is reluctant to shift to a bigger cog, I screw the barrel out a bit. If it is reluctant to drop down ot a smaller cog, I screw the barrel in a bit. If it's making noise, I look from the back and try and see if the...
  11. Randyforriding

    Is road cycling dangerous?

    Since your concern is getting aproval from your mother, I won't go into how discourteous cyclist reduce the safety of all cyclists. I've been riding a very long time (since about 1959), but I'm not a mileage junkie, so there are probably others on this forum tha have riden a lot more miles than...
  12. Randyforriding

    power meter vs. heartrate monitor

    Power meters have gotten pretty popular, but they cost a ton and I'm sceptical about their value. I still feel that a simple and inexpensive heart rate monitor is a better indicator of how hard your body is working and therefore more valuable in making choices regarding equipment, technique...
  13. Randyforriding

    Homemade nutrition bars?

    I tried this recipe yesterday. It was a bit sunk down in the middle, which is a problem I need to sort out, but otherwise it was pretty darn tasty (If I do say so myself) and should work well for it's intended purpose, which is to fuel your rides and keep you healthy. To make it easy, I used...
  14. Randyforriding

    Homemade nutrition bars?

    Yes, post recipe. I'll try working on my moms fruit-nut ball recipe. It was no cook too. I really loved those. I have a copy of the old family cook book. It may be in there.
  15. Randyforriding

    Homemade nutrition bars?

    I'm going to give you guys a basic recipe and some suggestions for possible additions or substitutions. The original recipe I stated from was a bit like a pecan pie. It was two layers; a crust with a topping. To simplify and make this more suitable for taking along on a ride, I'm just mixing...
  16. Randyforriding

    Moving to Denver

    Probably the biggest club in the Denver area is the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club. They have a website. They are pretty hard core. Every Saturday, when weather permits, I do a ride that starts at the Bicycle Village bike shop in Boulder. I imagine some of their other shops have rides too. You...
  17. Randyforriding

    Homemade nutrition bars?

    Isn't that one of the main food groups? I never rule out chocolate in any baking recipe. I did make a bar last week that had pecans, almond butter and dried dates (no chocolate) and it was better than anything you can buy. I need to play around with that a bit more and, yes, try some...
  18. Randyforriding

    Is steel real?

    I'm going to start a fight for Christmas. Yes, I'm a Scrooge. Keep in mind while you read this that I have five bikes that are in working order and I ride at least once in a while. I have two mountain bikes with aluminum frames, a custom hybrid (probably not like you imagine) with a steel...
  19. Randyforriding

    Where did all the mid range steel road bikes go?

    I'm probably under 6'2", but I have long legs and Im not as flexible as I used to be (or just wiser). I don't race, so I decided to place more emphasis on being comfortable. As for the chain stay brace, I'm not sure why he didn't use one. It may have to do with the oversized tubing I chose...
  20. Randyforriding

    Where did all the mid range steel road bikes go?

    My frame as it sat at Eliot Bay Cycles, in Seattle, home of Davidson. Built up with Ultegra.