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  1. rodsteiger

    Bravo Contador! Takes his place as one of the greats.

    How sweet it is baby! Congrats to Mr. Contador. What an amazing race this Vuelta. One of the best I've ever watched. Now his place in cycling history is secure! Truly one of the greats to ever throw a leg over. If those chickens at the TdF hadn't kept him out, he would have gotten the sweep...
  2. rodsteiger

    Well that was lame or no Contador, no Tour

    That has to be the most boring Tour on record. Just freaking brutal. Evans has to take a lot of blame as to why this dog and pony show was unwatchable. The man has no killing spirit at all. He just pedals merrily along waiting to win. No guts, no yellow jersey baby. Contador would have made...
  3. rodsteiger

    How in the world do you search these forums?

    I can't find a search box anywhere? How do you search these forums? Thanks.