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  1. kuroba

    Attaching seatpost tail light to rear rack

    Hi guys! I have one of these Knog Blinder tail lights which, as you can see, are meant to be wrapped around the seatpost. This worked well for me as I had been using panniers, but lately I've been ditching the panniers and carrying my stuff in a bag secured with a bungee cord to my rear rack...
  2. kuroba

    Short Rider On A 29er, Possible?

    I'm short and I've always ridden 26" bikes, but the other day we were at one of our LBS with the SO and I fell in love at first sight with a Kona Mohala. I'm not thinking about switching my bike yet -though that Kona is really tempting me- but I was it got me thinking if it was possible for me...