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  1. obeeone

    mtn bike SS

    I have been riding my road SS for year now and I am totally hooked, climbed hills and long rides I never thought I could do without gears..... My friends think Im nuts??? so whats new anyway. I now want to build a SS Mtn Bike, with disc brakes and front suspension, so that rules out an older...
  2. obeeone

    restoring classic full campy

    I have recently come into possession of a full campy Reynolds frame and componants circa 1970? I think. Hasnt been ridden in while, but everything works quite well ... lots of dust from the basement. Also a full Campy Raliegh same circa. I wish to restore/ ride these georgeous bikes... before I...
  3. obeeone

    removing decals

    Hi all I would like to remove the old decals from a bike I am restoring. It is an early carbon/aluminum frame. The decals are attached to the carbon. What is the safest way to from the frame perspective to remove the decals? Thanx all
  4. obeeone

    building a single speed

    Hi all been awhile since visiting... so hi . I am in the process of turning my old Trek 2100 (carbon/aluminum) road bike into single speed, for cycle path workouts (crushed limestone/ paved) and a somewhat short commute to work. My questions are these: I will be using and ENOs eccentric rear...
  5. obeeone

    new crank woes

    in anticipation for a ride from Vancouver BC to Whistler ( I live in Chicago) i put on FSA compact cranks/gearset to help with the climbs. The cranks were a little longer than I was used too, 173 mm as opposed to 170 mm. together with a new Brooks saddle I had the whole thing set up at my local...