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  1. Phil S

    Ergo trainer users

    Can users of Computrainers or similar give me their opinions on training with the ergo function? How useful is it to set at say 320w for an hour and just ride away without having to keep glancing at a CPU and adjust your wattage? I like the sound of this as well as the option of not having to...
  2. Phil S

    Mathematicians please

    If a 160lb rider on 700x25c tyres at 110psi needs to put out 219w to achieve 24mph on rollers, will a 150-152lb rider on 700x23c tyres require more or less watts at the same speed, if so how much? Sorry I was a linguist at school and a disaster at maths. :confused:
  3. Phil S

    Threshold work on rollers

    I have a question for the gurus here. Is it possible to do decent threshold work on rollers? I currently have a Kurt Kinetic pro stationary trainer, great piece of kit, but I find that I hate having to use it because it involves a rear wheel tyre change and lots of other fuss... my time is kinda...
  4. Phil S

    Garmin Edge 705 & Powermeter

    Hi, I've had a search and can't find a topic devoted to this subject here so I thought I'd start one. Anyone using an Edge for their training with a powermeter? Is it reliable? Any gremlins you've discovered and how to work around them? I myself am a PT SL2.4 user and I have acquired an Edge...
  5. Phil S

    Help - powertap problem makes me want to smoke crack

    Any pointers appreciated... in the meantime I have also emailed Saris and am awaiting a response. I own a Powertap 2.4SL. I've had the unit since May, purchased from a dealer in the US and shipped to me in the UK. I have had no problems at all until this week. The problem became apparent...
  6. Phil S

    FTP v LT v AT

    Hi, a message for the power geeks. I have measurements for myself for LT and AT done at Loughborough Uni. I was wondering whether FTP is a completely separate number or could I deduce it from my test results, or do I have to go and determine FTP by the method described on Training Peaks? Am a...
  7. Phil S

    Powertap SL or SL2.4?

    I am investing in a PT, I wanted the wireless one because it would obviously look neater but is it as reliable as a wired unit?