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    I searched info on sapim spokes and 10 pages of info came up and thats just too many pages to go thru so I started this threada bout the quality of sapim spokes I'm old school and have always used dt spokes,I'm building a road whl using a phil wood rear hub and mavic a319 rims any input is...
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    Spoke length

    building r whl(mavic a319 w/ philwood 10spd cassette hub) used ubi and sheldon browns spoke length calculator just to double check and came up with only a 1mm+ diff in this common...thanks
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    New Chain Feedback

    It's time for a new chain and looking for opinions about what chain to get... I have campy centaur group,phil wood 10spd r hub,parts are about 12/13 yrs old only about 2/3 yrs ride time,haven't really ridden since '05... I don't know if chains have changed much so any help would be greatly...