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  1. BullGod

    six weeks off the Bike

    So, after my retirement from bike racing I didn't ride a bike for 6 weeks. I did, however go running for 1hr 4-5 times a week, and I haven't gotten fat, and my heart hasn't exploded. However, as running has murdered my hip, and as I am still addicted to pain and exercise related euphoria I...
  2. BullGod

    Time to stop

    Fellas, I have decided to hang the bike up, and have quit my team. The motivation and hunger just weren't there this winter, and turning 30 next year it's time to ease back into career mode, and have a good time before I'm too old. When you know. It's just time to stop. I am...
  3. BullGod

    worn out allen key hole on saddle attachment

    I have adjusted my selle smp saddle so often that the allen key, erm, orifice, is worn out somewhat, and the allen key no longer "bites" anyone know a good solution? At the moment I have a 200 euro saddle stuck on the end of a snapped carbon seatpost, and it's giving me the right hump!
  4. BullGod

    Removing broken carbon seatpost from carbon frame

    In a race yesterday I noticed my seatpost was flexing. I stopped and saw a crack in it 3mm above where it joins the frame. I went to a team Jo Piels mechanic and we loosened the adjustment and tried to remove the seatpost. Of course, the end broke off, and I am now left with 3mm of jagged...
  5. BullGod

    loose spoke on Mavic Aksium

    One spoke has become loose on my rear aksium training wheel. Can i just use a spoke tool to re-tighten it? The wheel shape is not really noticeably affected right now, but I assume that if I tighten incrementally and check the shape I shouldn't run into trouble? BG
  6. BullGod

    Derailleur doesn't "spring" enough

    My rear DA derailleur doesn't seem to spring adequately - it seems as though it is too tightly screwed on, as if I shift from 39 to 53 the derailleur seems to stay in position, and not spring back to accomodate the slack in the chain. For example, if I ride on 53 the derailleur seems way too...
  7. BullGod

    anatomic saddle for "undercarriage discomfort"

    The not often spoken about downside of 500kms a week in the saddle is a sore crotch, and some numbness, loss of sensitivity and "performance" ;-) Let's say one is concerned about this and wishes to find a friendlier saddle. I have seen several newer types opf saddle claiming to be anatomic...
  8. BullGod

    Belgian Classic - finally!

    So on Sunday I finally managed to finish an elite classic. The Klein Brabant Classic in Flanders, to be specific; 160km with a few cobblestone sectors and 199 riders on the start, including the USA National Team and some of the Belgian pro team continentals (amateurs afiliated to pro teams)...
  9. BullGod

    Riding in the bunch without fear

    I know for sure I am not alone in this, but the solution to this problem seems hard to come by. I've been in a few pile ups in the big RR's here and I seem to have developed a phobia of riding in the claustrophobic environment of a tightly formed and fast moving pack of 150+ riders. I get...
  10. BullGod

    made chain too short - options - real urgent!

    I wasn't concentrating when i put my new sram chain on and I made it the right length but with 2 female ends, not 2 male ends. Thus the chain is now 1 link shorter than the old one, which was already too short. it seems to "ride", but the reat derailleur is pulled really far forward, and there...
  11. BullGod

    training before races

    In order to get the hours in to prepare for the classics I have been doing 2 - 2,5 hr training rides (easy endurance) and then (immediately after) riding a training race of 90 - 100 minutes duration. Ride home afterwards and it's usually 4-5 hrs on the bike. I do this midweek, once or sometimes...
  12. BullGod

    re- neutralising the race after dangerous crash

    Yesterday I rode a prestigious elite classic in Holland. 120 riders lined up to start, including the current leader in the continental tour, Bobbie Traksel. Right after the usual insane "neutral" start, (where 100 riders all try to ride at the front at the same time) the race hit the open...
  13. BullGod

    One spoke loose on brand new wheel

    Have a full speed ahead rear wheel, brand new. However - one spoke is loose, and the wheel is thus slightly off. Can this be fixed by me? No experience - it will take quite a while to get it fixed at the shop as they have a 2 week waiting period.
  14. BullGod

    Value of 10 minute intervals

    Unable to make it to a crit yesterday die to snow, I decided to indulge my lust for pain on the trainer. Ended up doing 10 mins on / 10 mins off x 6 with each "on" at as close to 350w as I could hold it. FTP is currently around 330-335. This was hard. especially after a 2 hour "am I gonna...
  15. BullGod

    loose rings under handlebar stem

    recently switched my handlebar stem for a longer one. Put it on as normal, everything works fine, but i noticed the rings below the stem are a little loose and can be turned. everything is tightened, but these things still have enough freedom to be rotated by hand. I don't remember if it did...
  16. BullGod

    Racing while sick - deadline - please reply asap?

    So tomorrow is my first spring classic, and preparation was going to great until wednesday. Got a good 120km of racing in last sunday in Belgium, rested well, some good endurance and intervals tues and weds and then - Bang! down with a sore throat, coughing, shivering. I know there has been...
  17. BullGod

    How tight should screws on handlebar stem be?

    I switched my bontrager handlebar stem for a longer one from my spare bike (a Cinelli) - gives me a better fit on the bike. wondering how tight the screws should be, especially the ones that hold the handlebars to the front end of the stem. am riding a pretty big race tomorrow in Belgium, and...
  18. BullGod

    Pyramid Intervals

    I am riding the first of the spring classics here in 3 weeks, and right now I have a mammoth base (2,800km in the last month alone) but I am lacking speed, as the only intensity in my riding recently has been 4 short training races, which haven't really gone well, mainly due to the chaos of all...
  19. BullGod

    Honing race "speed" prior to season beginning.

    I have a massive "base" at the moment of 20hrs a week endurance riding, plus some SST, and am now starting weekly preseason "training races". I am totally comfortable in all aspects of the race apart from the "jumps", especially if I have to close a gap to a faster rider who attacks, or jump...
  20. BullGod

    lifetime of indoor chain vs outdoor chain

    i have an ultegra chain that i have only ever used inside. will it last longer than an outdoor chain as it has not been exposed to sand?