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  1. blur92

    Guide To Cycling The above link is to an inforgraph I found educational and easy to read. It identifies the parts of a bicycle, health benefits of cycling, and different types of bicycles. It isn't...
  2. blur92

    How Often Should Tires Be Changed?

    How often do you purchase and change your tires? Also, if you haven't ridden your bike in years is it safe to use the same tires, or should you change them anyways? What brands of tires do you recommend?
  3. blur92

    Bike Trails Unsafe?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone else had this issue in their community. Although my town is moderately safe, traveling on bike trails on your own is strongly discouraged. Are people just being paranoid, or is this a very common danger?
  4. blur92

    Biking In Winter?

    Is it possible to bike in the winter safely? I have never tried it, but I really want to because I dislike being cooped up inside on a stationary bike. Are there certain tires to purchase, and are they effective? Is it even possible to bike in the snow?