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  1. Hypnospin

    how many ride from their driveway compared to

    taking the bike on the car to get to a halfway decent ride? so often in the past, over the years, i have shuttled the bike on the roof rack to drive to a ride start point, but of late, i just go from my driveway. gas costs (it does seem ridiculously wasteful, if not unconscionable to burn gas...
  2. Hypnospin

    the bike of an outspoken american

    here in the country i love, one can aspire to a acheiving a decent bike with far greater relative ease than a decent president... it was wurm who coerced me to post this, in the interest of "soddin' 'em all". course, i mighta anyways, for no other reason than 'cause i can.
  3. Hypnospin

    my now 5 month old ride, too much sugar for a nickel.

    my first colnago, and first campy ride. comments welcome.
  4. Hypnospin

    some said this would not happen

    if i do recall; some even stated there would be no indictments... now, how about some accountability from the top down, as in the bush family and friends criminal syndicate?
  5. Hypnospin

    survey: rice's confidence level low as 35%

    among black women esp., confidence in rice is dismal. yet another telling reflection of lack of support for bush and his appointees.
  6. Hypnospin

    i pledge allegience to the gold fringe?

    the flag displayed in gov't precedings has historic significance: this harkens back to 1775, when some cite historic claim the us was not, and is still not independent: questions are raised in the course of...
  7. Hypnospin

    us delcared bankruptcy

    so this is intriguing, the collapse of economies, modern world banking protocols established, behind the scenes currency policies swapped from gold standard to good faith, the us as a corporate entity that is beholden to a shadow gov't...
  8. Hypnospin

    another credible threat?

    santa cruz students give 'em the ol' college try, send 'em packin' the hell of campus... this may again rankle those at the pentagon, seems they do feel they have something to worry over...
  9. Hypnospin

    demeaning to monkeys if you ask me bush art exhibit goes big time.
  10. Hypnospin

    the bushit stops here, in georgia so just think what the fine should be for some of you inflammatory posters here.
  11. Hypnospin

    john dean: censor bush, crimes exceed those of nixon

    nixon wanted to save his own skin, bush seemingly needs to save both the security of the world and his own...bumbling ass. "texas is a social disease" button seen at anarchist bookfair
  12. Hypnospin

    don't do the crime (s) if you can't do 1/5 of the time

    abramoff is tried, convicted and sentenced. his sentencing was quite lenient to say the least, as he was facing 5 times the time he got handed for the short list of crimes with which he was charged. also he was not taken away in shackles, as is the custom with both the common citizenry and...
  13. Hypnospin

    us death squad involvement in news increasingly-iraq in the news of late, claims that insurgency, militias, death squads and the attacks they commit are in fact us supported, trained, organized and led. no less than an interior minister in the newly formed iraqi gov't has made statements indicating...
  14. Hypnospin

    hear walter mondale speak in interview

    here he sums up some key points of current affairs based on his vast experience, his comparisons of the previous presidential administrations with today's are stimulating beyond much of what we hear from those in office today that were elected to serve...Their own asses. he was on...
  15. Hypnospin

    does this seem plausible?

    if this is the best explanation, based on cause and effect factors, that the 9/11 attacks could have indeed resulted in the aftermath that ensued, then i am beginning to seriously doubt the whole story of the attack. the evidence does...
  16. Hypnospin

    deleted post an organization with it's priorities correct. left coast too.
  17. Hypnospin

    bike nashbar coupon code

    just used code cr212 for 10% discount off order seems each new code goes up one digit, so if this does not work try cr213 ect...
  18. Hypnospin

    bush approves of homeland security outsourcing to arab emirates?

    let me get this straight, the us taxpayer spends billions upon billions to profiteering homeland security high bid industry to protect, one would reasonably assume, the us borders and points of entry, while 6+ separate major us city seaports are to be sold to and controlled by the same "axis of...
  19. Hypnospin

    source for news and articles this site has news that does not make it mainstream, not with any prominence anyway.
  20. Hypnospin

    chilly reception for gonzales at georgetown a standing audience turning their backs, black hooded protesters with a benjamin franklin quote banner, gonzales bailing before his scheduled debate, not a good day for him. seems the idea of a p.r. damage control tour need not stop...