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  1. Azulene

    What is the weirdest item you ever seen attached on a bike frame?

    Yesterday after work I stopped at my local grocery store. Out in front of the store was a Huffy Mountain Bike, attached to the frame was a 5lb. Fire extinguisher. I know the jokes are forming in you mind. This dude must be the world fastest sprinter burning up all his competition. He uses the...
  2. Azulene

    Why is the main stream media not covering this story

    Back Box voting investigators catch election officials red handed-Volusia County on lockdown. :mad:
  3. Azulene

    Pet Lovers

    Here in Portland we have this real cool Pub (The Lucky Labrador Brew Company). They cater to both bicyclist and dog lovers. A number of their customers I see at the pub rid their bike there some times and other times they bring their dogs. I was just wondering how many of you are pet lovers...
  4. Azulene

    What type of bike do you commute to work on

    During the winter I started to ride my fixed gear bike to work. With the shorter days my fixed gear gives me a better work out.
  5. Azulene

    What would Arnold say

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger saw you wearing your spandex and shaved legs how would he describe you. Look at the Girly Boy Not another Girly Man God she Hot This poll does not apply to me. I never shave my legs I’m a hippy chick.
  6. Azulene

    My Low Carb DietMy Low Car Diet

    No Ashcroft No Rumsfeld No. Cheney NO Bush And definitely No Pasta
  7. Azulene

    Thump Tacks and Red Necks

    Last week ridding along my favorite route in Portland Oregon (Sandy River Viva Corbet route). I had 3 flats caused by thumb tacks. Ever spring as the bicycle traffic increases along this route some Red Neck tacks the route. I was woundering if other parts of the country have ran into the same...
  8. Azulene


    Man riding his bike down the hill Woman riding her bike up the same hill They pass each other Woman yells out "PIG!" Man yells back, "*****!" Man rounds curve on the hill... Crashes into a huge pig in middle of road. If only men would listen.
  9. Azulene

    Who was the most handsome 5 time winner of the Tdf

    Jacques Anquetil Eddy Merckx Bernard Hinault Miguel Indurain Lance Armstrong
  10. Azulene

    According to Jeff Foxworth ... you might be from the Pacific NW

    According to Jeff Foxworthy ... you might be from the Pacific Northwest if: 1. You know the state flower (Mildew) 2. You feel guilty throwing aluminum cans or paper in the trash. 3. Use the statement "sun break" and know what it means. 4. You know more than 10 ways to order...