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  1. cbjesseeNH

    Chain Rides between Chainrings on Downshift

    Sometimes, when shifting down from the big ring to the small ring, my chain drops between the rings and free-spins until I wiggle the shifter up and back down to re-drop the chain on the small ring. I'm running 50/34 Rotor rings on identical cranksets on both my road and tri-bike, and it only...
  2. cbjesseeNH

    12-25 to 11-28 with Compact Crank

    I have a 12-25 on my Tri-bike with a compact crank. For an exceptionally hilly course (for a triathlon, anyway) I'd like to put on a 11-28. Should I expect to need to tweak the gears, or will my Shimano Ultegra derailleurs manage it OK?
  3. cbjesseeNH

    Computrainer Users: ErgVideo 3 Release

    I did a few months of beta testing for the new ErgVideo 3 software ErgVideo Inc. News It's really fabulous. The RacerMate 3D rides and Real Course Videos are nice, but if you have a Computrainer and aren't using the erg training features, like the plans on Trainingpeaks and ErgVideos...
  4. cbjesseeNH

    Threshold Intervals on Computrainer

    Some have said that one can more readily push FTP up by pushing up from the bottom rather than pulling up from the top. So I'm wondering if there is any use in breaking out of the usual square-wave threshold intervals. My usual Threshold Intervals on the Computrainers are just blocks of Xmin...
  5. cbjesseeNH

    Skipping Chain Fix?

    I'm moving my Zipp808/PowerTap rear wheel between my Cervelo P2 aero-bike and my Felt Z45 road-bike (both new so no wear issues). Both have the same crank and chainrings but the Cervelo has an Shimano Ultegra CN-6500 chain and CS- 6500 cassette and the Felt a KMC X9 chain. The Felt was set up...
  6. cbjesseeNH

    RaceDay v2 Preview

    So, I've had a look at the RaceDay v2 preview at It seems like they have made some majors upgrades, allowing coach/athlete interaction via a server system, as well as combined analysis of multisports (swimming, cycling & running), etc. Woth a...
  7. cbjesseeNH

    Aerobar Mount for PT CPU?

    Yet another PowerTap question... Is there any adaptor to mount a PowerTap head unit (cpu) between the aerobars? The Saris mount is meant to go on a stem rather than a cross-bar, it seems.
  8. cbjesseeNH

    PowerTap ANT+ Cadence

    So I cut my old 2005 PT wired hub out of my rim (ouch, that hurts) and traded up to a PT-Pro+ (the plus means $$$, but not a bad deal). The unit arrived today sans cadence sensor. What's the right unit to buy?
  9. cbjesseeNH

    How to make Computrainer 3D rides from Google Maps?

    Is there a way to make computrainer 3D courses from Google Maps? I thought there used to be a freeware Course Creator that one could use to make .3dc files from a route planned on Google Maps. Other than buying RacerMate's Topo USA Course Creator software, is there a free and easy way?
  10. cbjesseeNH

    ErgVideo Threshold Test

    I've been beta'ing ErgVideo's Threshold Test ride for the CompuTrainer. It's pretty nice. You get a 26min warm-up based on your expected Threshold, including 10min wind-up, 5min at LT and some intervals (2x45s & 1x60s at >Threshold). You click a button and can recalibrate without playing with...
  11. cbjesseeNH

    Pedals with Shins, Float and Arch-ward?

    I'm looking for a pedal/cleat/shoe combination that allows about 3/8" shimming under the left (to accomodate a leg length dicrepancy), a moderate degree of float and the ability to move the cleats behind the ball of the foot, toward the arch. Speedplay Zero seems to fit the bill - any other...
  12. cbjesseeNH

    Massachusetts VO2max Testing Labs?

    I'm looking for a lab in Massachusetts that does Exercise Tesing, including VO2max, lactate, HR - the whole kit. The desired testing would be the real thing - metabolic cart, needles, etc. - rather than extrapolations from riding on a Computrainer or such. Any suggestions appreciated.
  13. cbjesseeNH

    SRAM PG970 vs PG980 Cassette

    I have a SRAM PG970 cassette on my wheel and got a 2nd rear wheel, so bought a SRAM PG980 cassette. The PG980 looks nothing like the PG970 - the latter mounts on the splines of my freehubs but the PG980 has a smooth center cone that rotates separately from the body. Is this just some...
  14. cbjesseeNH

    Computer Mounting?

    Where on a recumbent might one mount a computer (Shimano Flight Deck, PowerTap CPU, etc)?
  15. cbjesseeNH

    PM on Recumbent?

    Are any PMs compatible with recumbent bikes? I may be looking that direction following prostate surgery in a few months. My PowerTap Pro is laced into a 700c, but it would seem it should work with a recumbent too. I'm not sure about an Ergomo - maybe depends on the specific BB used in the...
  16. cbjesseeNH

    Flat-top "Wing" Bars & Aero Clip-ons?

    I'm thinking of either flat-top "wing" aero bars and/or aero clip-ons to reduce hand numbness and find more positions. Are the two compatible? I understand that Carbon bars are not recommended with aero clip-ons, so aluminum bars would be OK (such as FSA and Easton "wing" bars). I just don't...
  17. cbjesseeNH

    Boston Cycling Orthopod for Knees

    I'm looking for a Boston Orthopod knowledable in cycling kneee injuries. Or a good PT who can diagnose and treat problems. My knees are acting up - the right PF ligament is popping in and out of track with a snapping sound. It just started happening last week and it pops when I'm just walking...
  18. cbjesseeNH

    HR Mythbusting

    When not riding my bicycle with powermeter, I wear a Heart Rate Monitor. The classical advice in texts of the 80s/90s was to not exercise at 90%+ HRMax as the risk of injury is greater. This risk was not well explained and the advice may have been directed at those seeking initial fitness from...
  19. cbjesseeNH

    Rorschach Sweat Test

    My indoor rides are over black mats that catch sweat. I've noticed my sweat dips in puddles on both the left and right sides and looks like a Rorchach Inkblot Test. There's more sweat on the left than right, but since I see me in the pack pulling away on the right sweat puddles and the chase...
  20. cbjesseeNH

    Shoe SHims?

    Have have 3 Speedplay shims installed on my left shoe by Ian at Fit Werx in VT, who also made orthotics for me. These work great on my Sidi Genius 5 Mega road shoes. I have been doing gym spinning classes this winter and use some Shimano spinning shoes. Is there a way to shim that shoes too?