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    Steelers over Packers 24 - 21

    Rooting for the Steelers on this one. I'm a big Polamalu fan!
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    How to obtain a firm stomach

    Watch empty calories- especially from soda! Be careful with the carbs. Studies have debunked it but my weight went down when I for the most part knocked off carbs at night. Maybe its just my mind playing tricks on my body. When it comes down to it, be mindful of the basic burn off more than...
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    Cramp - how do I avoid it?

    As the previous poster stated, its more likely potassium. Try a sports drink such as Gatorade instead of water and see if it goes away.
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    Assistance please for my class project on bicycle insurance for $1,000+ bicycles

    I'm doing a research project on bicycle insurance for high-end bicycles for one of my MBA classes. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, could you do a quick survey for me? At the end, there's an option to enter a drawing for a $50 prize (sorry, I'm still a starving student until I...