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  1. Sprinter_989

    tour bikes

    it probally says on the teams website, a list of teams @
  2. Sprinter_989

    Met Sean Eadie at a coaches course

    I met Sean at a track carnival up here on the Gold Coast A few years ago, he was an absolute champ to all the kids telling jokes and taking pictures and all that stuff. He flew round the last corner in a one lap dash and his back wheel skid out, somehow kept it up and it made it look easy. Pure...
  3. Sprinter_989

    How old were you when you first rode a metric century

    ???????????????????????? LOL What does this have to do with anything? I guess I was around 3.
  4. Sprinter_989

    Time Pedals, which type?

    I've got Time Impacts about 15000km old still working great, bit hard to get into when you first buy them though.
  5. Sprinter_989

    Highest Sprinting Speed

    What gear were you using jimone?
  6. Sprinter_989

    Max rate you've had your heart

    208 at the State road titles
  7. Sprinter_989

    SHIMANO 105 bike - any ideas of its age, model and value?

    I would say around $250-300
  8. Sprinter_989

    availability of 10spd ultegra (aust)

    Shimano Australia's phone number- 1300 731 077 or
  9. Sprinter_989

    disk wheel

    Check out if your in Australia.
  10. Sprinter_989

    how many jearsys do you all own?

    I have about 10 or more, anyone no where u can buy team skinsuits or sleeveless jerseys.
  11. Sprinter_989

    Whats you max sustainable cadence?

    223 rpm is my fastest
  12. Sprinter_989

    I need help finding tour pictures!! please help me!

  13. Sprinter_989

    What nation breeds the best cyclists?

    Speaking of youngsters (like me) what about Scott Sunderland from WA (U17) he won all 3 events at Nationals. This guy is a machine..........
  14. Sprinter_989

    2004 La Vuelta a Espana

    Hey, just wondering does any1 know whats happened to Cadel Evans? Bad form, injury........???????
  15. Sprinter_989

    Tyler Hamilton what the ^#%$$?

    This is hilarious, Allanw.......... the air to Memphmanns throne.
  16. Sprinter_989

    It's not looking good for the Aussies..

    ............... 2008 looks good we dominating at the Junior Worlds.
  17. Sprinter_989

    700c Road Bike Tire choices?

    Continental Duraskins are good.
  18. Sprinter_989

    Do you think lance is doping? yes or no

    .......... This is gonna cause a riot......................... lol
  19. Sprinter_989

    Online Bike Shopping

    For clothes,
  20. Sprinter_989

    Fastest Speed for a training session

    I've done 79kmph down a hill. How do you draft behind a car downhill??? What if you hit a pothole or something. LOL only for the fearless.