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  1. Ralph Ray

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    This is one I just got finished with. I now have 3 carbon road bikes. Hard to tell which one I like best. I believe this one has the most ZOOT factor. It is a 92 LeMond Calfee carbon fiber model. I equipped this one with Campy Chorus 9 speed and Campy Scirocco wheels. My other 2 bikes are, 97...
  2. Ralph Ray


    I too have been veggie for 15+ years. There is just so many good options out there. I love the soy and rice milks plus the soy and rice cheeses to choose from. You don't have to eat meat to get protein. As far as fueling up for rides, I like the special pancakes my wife makes me or my special...
  3. Ralph Ray

    can carbon fibre be repaired?

    :rolleyes: All kidding aside,don't try to repair it until you contact Colnago. Once you mess with it they can't see the original damage. I hope you have proof of purchase because they do not like doing warranty if they think you bought it from e-bay real cheap and then trying to scam them. I...
  4. Ralph Ray

    can carbon fibre be repaired?

    :p just slap a little J-B Weld on it and go riding.Then put a band-aid on it for a good conversation starter on your next group ride. Let us know how it works out.
  5. Ralph Ray

    can you tell the difference?

    If you had 3 road bikes that looked the same but each one was made with different tubing, say Columbus SL, SLX & TSX, could you tell the difference on a 10 mile ride on each one? If not, would you opt for the cheaper one if having to buy one, or would you go with the high "ZOOT" factor tubing...
  6. Ralph Ray

    which bike company do you own the bikes from?

    I own 3 road bikes, Time Helix Equipe carbon fiber, 97 LeMond Maillot Jaune, and Gianni Motta Columbus SL . You really find out how good your bike is when you have a warranty issue. How fast they take care of the issue and if they replace your frame with something as good as you had or better. I...
  7. Ralph Ray

    Ralph riddle

    Yes, here is an original Ralph riddle, what do Lesbians and the Iraqi navy both have in common??????????? Answer: No Seamen (semen) :D :eek: :p
  8. Ralph Ray

    Funny high school memory

    That was in 1978. She didn't have to call me a MORON. But looking back at it now, it was quite funny. I just replied HUH?
  9. Ralph Ray

    Sex is like cycling because....

    I just hate always getting stuck with the women that always call out their own name when having sex.
  10. Ralph Ray

    Funny high school memory

    During the election debates this year there was one word that kept popping up all the times it seems. The word was Lesbian. That word brought back a funny memory of my high school days. It seems hearing that word nowdays is no big deal. The first time I encountered that word was when I was in...
  11. Ralph Ray

    Get back with G/F or stay on the bike??? Help.

    The reason that you are able to do more miles on your bike is because you have all that "poision" building up in your system since your main squeeze has left. It's just like the episode on Seinfeld when George could not have sex with his girlfriend for a week and he became smart. Hold out until...
  12. Ralph Ray

    Which bicycle company SUCKS the most?

    I love this post. I voted for Bianchi. After about 30,000 miles on my 94 Alfana, I told some people it was an Alfalfa, a special Little Rascals edition, the head tube seperated at the lug. I sent it back and they warrantied it. Of course they sent me a 57 instead of a 58 because they did not...
  13. Ralph Ray

    POLL for MEN only: Do you think Lance is cool for leaving KIK?

    I am glad that he is happy now. I think being with his new gal helped him in the tour this year. Why stay in a realationship if you are not happy. I am looking forward to seeing the "overhaulin" edition on the 30th featuring Lance's GTO.
  14. Ralph Ray

    Pet Lovers

    No dog, no cat, just a little, hairless RAT. Any other rat owners out there? (big block Chevrolets don't count)
  15. Ralph Ray

    how many jearsys do you all own?

    I counted about 35 short sleeved and 4 long sleeved. The short sleeved ones are various weight materials. Some really light weight materials for summer time, and some heavier ones for in the fall. I agree with some of the other members, e-bay is the best place to find bike jerseys. I like being...
  16. Ralph Ray

    What a moron I work with

    Sorry to say, it's no joke. It's kind of sad. If the parents don't like to ride, it's no excuse to keep the kids from enjoying cycling. I think this qualifies as some form of child abuse. It's not a money issue either. He said the kid had about $300.00 from his birthday to buy what he wanted. He...
  17. Ralph Ray

    Spandex and Women.

    Next time you stop and get ready to go in, take an extra sock with you , wad it up and put it down your el crotch-o (in the front,if you haven't figured that out yet) and give them something to really stare at. The women stare at my crotch even when I don't wear spandex............sweeeeet.
  18. Ralph Ray

    What a moron I work with

    You will love this. So a guy I work with tells me he took his son out to Toys R Us on his sons birthday. He asks him what he thinks he wants. His boy tells him, "I wouldn't mind getting a new bike." (his boy turned 11) He tells him, what do you want a bike for, you will be 12 soon and that's...
  19. Ralph Ray

    The best high end frame

    One of my bikes is a Time Helix Equipe HM. Very smooth riding bike. It's a '96 model. The new models look even better. You may want to check them out. I have over 20,000 miles on the frame with no problems.
  20. Ralph Ray

    Chain Lube - Oil vs Wax

    I have been using "chainwax" for about 13 years now. It comes in a can and is pink in color. I have a master link on my chain so it's a piece of cake to remove the chain. I have a small parts washer that I wash the chain in and then rinse it with soapy water with a high pressure sprayer and then...