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  1. CUBE

    Lthr ?

    hey all i have a question about my lactate threshold heartrate. A year ago I bought a book about cycling training in which the concept of lactate threshold heartrate was explained. I was stated that one's LTHR is calculated as 91% of the maximum heartrate. After a few tests which I did I could...
  2. CUBE

    problem with quick-close

    today when I started on my ride I noticed that the quick-close of my frontwheel came loose. the funny thing is that I just tightened a few weeks before. Is it even possible that thie quick-close loosens by itself?? btw: i have campagnolo vento g3 wheels
  3. CUBE

    Determination of LT Power on iMagic

    Hey all, Ive bought a Tacx iMagic trainer a few weeks ago here in the Netherlands to avoid cycling outside. The sun was shining yesterday so I went out on another bike and had a crash, I'm fine but the bike has been better.... anyway, i/m using the imagic mainly just for fun, but since it...