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    Bike Lanes and Sidewalks

    I don't feel sidewalks are the best path for riding bicycle. Also Sidewalks are more dangerous than riding on the street. Anyway thanks all for giving advice on same. Nycbikerental
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    When is the exact time you usually go out for bicycle riding?

    I really want to ride bicycle at morning and afternoon time. That time gives more relaxable than other day time. Thank you Nycbikerental
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    Best Online Cycling Video's

    Nice videos...Great job!
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    Ok to bike in rain?

    There is no problem to biking on rainy day or dirty place. But after that it's your responsibility that how can you take care of yours and as well as your bike's. Thank you Nycbikerental
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    The most over-rated cyclists...

    I didn't have any idea on "The most over-rated cyclists". Thanks for sharing the information.
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    Where do you buy your cycling equipment from?

    Yes, Buying cycling equipment from local cycling store is the best option in compare to buy over the internet. For my bike, i have been buying bike parts from Nyc Bike Rental last 2 years. And i am very happy with Nyc Bike Rental staffs for suggesting me best bike parts . Thanks a lot.
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    This is a nice information regarding the Great North Bike Ride. Thanks to giving this information.
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    Anyone use to log miles?

    Sorry, I have not used bike journal. What are special in it?
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    12-25 to 11-28 with Compact Crank

    12-25, compact crank is fit for Tri-bike, It is not required to change 11- 28
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    Headlight Suggestions? - 05/23/12

    The Expelion looks like a great light. I rarely use the full illumination setting; actually too bright for me. One notch down and I'm assured of seeing and being seen.
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    The best no-minimum custom cycling clothing option?

    Which type of jersey, you want ?
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    Bearing maintenance

    Always replace of bearings is not good. Use a good one.
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    Bike rack adapter?

    Hello Alfeng, Thanks for your information about P-Clamps.
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    Children chainrings for road bikes

    At the age 10 is the correct to begin to get the road bike.
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    Is there a definitive cycling training book?

    It is available in some book store. Just buy it and follow the instruction.
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    did i buy the wrong size bike?....

    I read all the reviews. All these are useful. Thanks guys for sharing these advice.