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  1. maarten

    Top Riders From the republic racing in Belgium

    Noticed that several of the better riders from South Africa are in my country at the moment. Tiaan Kanemeyer and the barloworld team raced the tryptique ardennais results on J-P van ZYL at laarne&destelbergen 29.05...
  2. maarten

    important/ beautifull S-A races between july and february

    I am comming to S-A From 14 July until maybe february or even march. Which are the races I shoulden't miss and why are they a must do? I will be staying in the Cape town region but travelling to participate in big races around the country is doable(altough not every week of course) So which...
  3. maarten

    seeding getting one as a foreigner

    This is my problem: I will be coming to S-A in july for about 6 months, but I don't want to start at the low level as I'am used to be doing races at at least 40km/h average in my home country. So my question is is there a way to get an elite or at least A seeding based upon non S-A race...
  4. maarten

    Stellenbosch Cycling and university info request

    OK this is what I am thinking about I might be going to Stellenbosch university next year for SIX months<br /><br />I would like to know, are there many races in that area, How Often and what type(speed, number of participants, length)<br />And in which months of the year.<br /><br />How is the...
  5. maarten

    Jean Pierre van Zyl

    I' m a litlle surprised no one talks here about Van Zyl. He may have finished last in the six of Gent with youngster Iljo Keisse But he did Break more than one track record.