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  1. Andrija

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome twinkle. You're at the right place. Our favorite creation is Jersey too. The Yellow Jersey. We're haunted also. Haunted by passion for cycling. It's like a kind of religion to us, but we often take political stance on important questions about our fairies. See? We have a lot in...
  2. Andrija

    Gilbert to BMC Racing So, there's a Tour - related goal. What Cadel has to say? It seems that there's significant difference between Hushovd and Gilbert... In Evans' eyes, at least. Or, is it just better measured PR? BMC is going to be...
  3. Andrija

    Fleche - Wallonne

    Was this the Wallonne classic that doesn't suite Gilbert? Very convincing.
  4. Andrija

    No Tour for Geox - TMC

    I wonder if Menchov and Riis will make some arrangement. This is good opportunity to take a GC rider for relatively low price.
  5. Andrija

    Menchov, Tchmil, Geox, Katusha...

    Interesting comments from Menchov and Tchmil. First, Menchov made a comment on his decision to join Geox and expressed disappointment about Katusha's attitude towards him. Then, Tchmil replied...
  6. Andrija

    Giro 2011 route

    The route has been presented on Saturday. As in recent years, it looks more attractive than the Tour, but this time my impression is that they've, maybe, overdone it. As most of viewers, I like to watch riders racing in mountains, but if there's too much climbing, it starts to be boring...
  7. Andrija

    Tour de France 2011 route

    On Tuesday the route will be announced. Next year is centenary of the Alps in the race. Galibier should take Tourmalet's role next year and Alpe d' Huez is expected to feature twice. A middle-length team time trial and two long individual time trials are format which dominated during...
  8. Andrija

    Cancellara on sale

    Cancellara On Sale For ‚3 Million? | Over that 3 million goes his salary. Too much, I'd say. Riis has set the price in order to keep him in the team. It's interesting how biggest stars of Saxo want to leave the team. There aren't much of team's top riders who've expressed...
  9. Andrija

    Who's going to lose time on Tuesday?

    After prologue, next stage where everybody expects new time gaps is on Tuesday, over cobblestones of Paris - Roubaix. Not that some changes can't happen on Sunday and Monday, just that Tuesday's stage was reconnoitered by everyone that matters.
  10. Andrija

    National Championships

    Strong lineup in British Championship, I wonder if we'll see British Champion's jersey in the Tour. It will be interesting in Belgium and Holland as well. It is a kind of tribute to wear your national colors in the Tour.
  11. Andrija

    2010 Giro d' Italia, stage 1: Amsterdam - Amsterdam (ITT) 8.4 km.

    Flat, not too short, with long stretches, perfect for speed men. Wiggins expressed ambitions, Millar knows how to do it too, Vinokourov's in form with good performance on similar course recently, Evans should do well... Pinotti, Lang, maybe even Karpets. Wiggins, Pinotti, Vinokourov, Evans...
  12. Andrija

    2010 E3 Prijs Vlaanderen - Harlebeke

    Great overture for De Ronde. Currently Boonen, Cancellara and Flecha in front of Pozzato and Rosseler. Situation similar to what we are expecting in De Ronde. It looks like everyone of them wants to show his authority before the big race next Sunday. I wonder how will Cancellara try to solve the...
  13. Andrija

    Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne

    Those who underperformed in Omloop have opportunity to restore their confidence in this Race. It's more for sprinters than previous day's race. I think Freire is currently in best shape and Boasson Hagen will be strong opponent. Spanish double in Belgium. Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne Start List |...
  14. Andrija


    Saturday, February 27. The race marks beginning of the season in the north. Very similar to De Ronde, going over same hellingen with unique prestige among classic's riders. It can be largely affected by bad weather. I have impression that this year riders talk more about it and expect it with...
  15. Andrija

    Criterium International 2010 Ironic approach to the sport. Porto-Vecchio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pay attention to the health note. They're bringing some healthy meat there.
  16. Andrija

    Vuelta 2010 route

    Has been unveiled today. It's nice route with lots of climbing, spread (pretty much) equally through entire race. Only one ITT (but for specialists) and very short TTT (more designed like team presentation, than race factor); versus six (organizers' words) finishes on altitude, are strong...
  17. Andrija

    Giro 2010 route

    Next year's route was presented today. Like in several previous editions organizers wanted to please spectators more than cyclists. It's extremely hard again, and for climbers. Team time trial comes early, it's not long, it should be attractive, but it won't affect the race much, I think. Last...
  18. Andrija

    Tour de France 2010 route

    The route will be revealed on Wednesday. After prologue in Rotterdam, peloton will return to France via Belgium. Rumor mill says no Alpe d' Huez again (first time after many years it's missing two years in a row). It also says the race will go clockwise again. Before Alps, they'll visit some...
  19. Andrija

    Mendrisio elite road race

    It should be more exciting (or should I say - unpredictable) than time trial. Battle between Italians and Spaniards is what is expected. I don't have idea how cumulative uphill meters will effect riders like Gilbert or Cancellara (who's aiming high on the home turf). Also, other riders with less...
  20. Andrija

    Mendrisio elite TT

    I haven't found start list yet, but usual suspects are there. It would be enormous surprise if someone beats Cancellara. Maybe that bump in (about) middle of the course will break Grabsch's rhythm and distance him from the top three, but defending champion should be strong opponent to...