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  1. plectrum

    Prudholme admits Lance rides clean...

    Meanwhile, Christian Prudhomme, the Tour de France director, has said that the sport has cleaned up its act. "Pierre Bordry [French anti-doping agency president] recently confirmed to me that there had been no suspicious cases [in the 2009 Tour]. This means that the fight against doping is...
  2. plectrum

    Tom 'Maradona' Boonen oh dear!

    SO Boonen v Cavendish is looking a little shaky on the eve of the Giro considering the recent (and 2nd) out of competition Cocaine failed drug test!!!!
  3. plectrum

    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    It looks increasingly likely that Astana will become Trek Livestrong which means seeing Armstrong in all grand tours be that as rider, director or owner until he dies!!!! ROFL :) I do like the banter in this forum but this is really making me chuckle! Have a nice day.
  4. plectrum

    Gambling, Doping, Tour and Law?

    If I placed some large bets on an Astana team member being on podium, Astana being in top 3, Astana winning team race, Astana team member winning tour, contador winning tour, Levi winning tour. If this then happened only subsequently the teammember was found guilty of doping and thus I lost my...
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    Fucking ****

    Why is this Flyer **** still fucking up this board. Would someone techy sort it out permanently because this area to the board has now been rendered completely useless. :mad: See you in 2 weeks but if Flyer is still creating mayhem then it is goodbye.
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    Will Basso ride le Tour?

    Just a question, will Basso get an invite to le Tour as if he is I'm really going to enjoy this year's battle between Lance & Basso. Could go all wrong and ASO create the worst Tour with Contador destroying Evans.
  7. plectrum

    Which team is Lance joining?

    I know most would say Astana but I'm not sure this makes too much sense. ASO hate Astana, Lance is US poster boy & Astana are Kazachstanian. Also Astana kinder have a full team and perhaps they dump Kloden for Lance and put Contador as mountain specialist but if I was Contador I'd tell Johan &...
  8. plectrum

    Danny Pate ... Miller ... VandeVelde

    What was the purpose of Danny Pate's break away yesterday and why did he not ease off to allow a springboard for Vandevelde to use in a breakaway. Also can Pate do it again but this time perhaps with another breakaway lunatic such as Miller. If they can race off early and then ease off for...
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    Modern cycling rulez 2 for the price of 1

    Heh, I just realised, in modern cycling we are getting double the entertainment. Firssly we get the stunning performance (generally drug fuelled) then a few days later we get the entertainment of a dope bust .... it's awesome!
  11. plectrum

    In their shoes - would you take it?

    This is a simple yes / no leave the discussion to another thread! You are a pro cyclist, you have high expectations and have performed well as a junior and been accepted onto a high level European team. The question that now is present to you is 'will you dope'? We all know the ins and outs of...
  12. plectrum

    It comes down to this!

    So Alp D'Huez stage looks so brutal it hurts, and I strongly believe that by the end of Alps the men from the boys will be firmly separated and Evans will need to perform during the time trial to win yellow. But what are the effects of a time trial where much is down hill? Does this favour the...
  13. plectrum

    Le Tour 2008 - 2 amazing facts

    Fact 1. Valverde seems to be riding clean but unfortunately is rubbish (either that or MIB have given him a distinct warnign not to pull any remarkable drug fuelled performances!) Fact 2. Mark Cavendish seems like he is going to try and ride the mountains and hallelujah is the fastest sprinter...
  14. plectrum

    TDF: With Boonen out ... is it Cav's Green Jersey?

    Yah, I'm no way as educated as many here about cycling but .... TDF: With Boonen out ... is it Cav's Green Jersey to lose?
  15. plectrum

    Unibet vs Lotto question

    Just a quickie and a year over due! Why if it is illegal to advertise gambling in France are Silence - Lotto allowed to race but Unibet was not? I understand Lotto are a national organisation of Belgium but it is still gambling and still foreign, so what is going on?
  16. plectrum

    Slipstream need a proper title sponsor.

    It is ridiculous that a team is winning the opening race of a GC and they don't have a commercial title sponsor. Sone may argue that chipotle is the sponsor but this is clearly not the case as the team is often refered to as Team - Slipstream ... or Team Slipstream - Chipotle but never ever Team...
  17. plectrum

    Wiggins / Cavendish out of Le Tour

    Just heard an interview with Wiggins where he states that both he and Mark Cavendish aren't racing le Tour becuase of it's proximity to the Olympics.
  18. plectrum

    Training or Doping - UK track cycling

    I am watching the British riders win many races with consumate ease at these current World's. What are the views here towards whether these performances we are watching are clean based on correct training or that the team is dirty as sin? I would like to point out here that although certainly...
  19. plectrum

    McQuaid interview

    I just found this random interview with McQuaid, did not find the interviewer's name so slightly unsubstantiated. AIGLE, Switzerland...
  20. plectrum

    Has UCI shot its load?

    I'm a little confused, UCI pulled out its big gun and stated that riders/teams starting Paris Nice will be suspended and fined. Unfortunately for UCI this was possibly THE most stupid threat they could make. Now that all the teams have started P-N, UCI has two choices. Choice A: Ban and...