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  1. frenchyge

    3-hole MTB shoes

    Can I get some recommendations on any MTB shoes which accept a 3-hole pattern road cleat? A friend of mine isn't that concerned with weight or performance, but they'd like to avoid the road shoe duckwalk if possible.
  2. frenchyge

    Aero Drag/Power

    Folks, I need some help here. I'm in the process of building up my new TT bike, and have been doing some reading on aero drag, etc. I've seen John Cobb's name on enough legitimate stuff to trust that he knows what he's doing, but I just can't seem to replicate the numbers in his article here...
  3. frenchyge

    2009 Powertap Lineup

    Several new models this year. Are wires obsolete now, or will Saris continue to make wired hubs? Anyone "in the know" know if there are any differences between the Elite and Pro hubs besides the $200 alloy axle? :)
  4. frenchyge

    Stomp Test is off -- what now?

    I got suspicious when I noticed a large deviation between my PT Pro watts and my Kinetic Road Machine power curve, so I zeroed the torque and did the stomp test described here. I repeated the test using 5 separate gear combinations, and got errors (from calculated torque) ranging from -6.1% to...
  5. frenchyge

    WKO+ Build 2.2 -- How do I....?

    1) Make it so new workouts open using "My Journal Charts" as the default Journal layout instead of always referring back to "Cycling"? 2) Save my Graph preferences as a default instead of having to reset things for every new workout? (There used to be the "Save these pages setup as...
  6. frenchyge

    Friel now converting to SST

    See: especially paragraph 4 (quoted below).
  7. frenchyge

    TSB Serendipity

    I had finally managed to get my training into a regular routine after the holidays and had completed ~3wks of pretty steady SST at 500+ TSS/wk before I got sick again last week. CTL had been climbing slowly but steadily at a reasonable pace, so I was pretty disappointed when my congested chest...
  8. frenchyge

    A Salute to Supportive Spouses

    Hey y'all, it seems like the sentiment most often expressed here concerning our spouses or significant others is that they either won't let us to buy the bike toys we want, or that they nag us about doing too much riding and not enough of something else. Aren't there any other cyclists out...
  9. frenchyge

    QA Spreadsheet

    Has anyone already built a spreadsheet that will take exported .csv files from WKO+ and plot the scatterplot for QA?
  10. frenchyge

    Pimp my Power Blog

    There are several excellent 'Power Blogs' listed here on, and I'm always surprised to see new ones popping up here and there. They're fun to read and great to follow. If anyone's seen a power blog worthy of pimping, please pimp it here. :cool:
  11. frenchyge

    SST to tha PMC

    Last winter, I hit the L4 pretty hot and heavy and experienced substantial gains in my FTP. However, I remember during that period that a few posters were quietly confident in their Sweet-spot Training (SST) approach, and not surprisingly, they were also people that served as beta testers for...
  12. frenchyge

    Tour of Missouri announced!

    Tour of Missour-ah, Sept 11-16, 2007. :)
  13. frenchyge

    Non-exercise HRs

    Does anyone wear their HRMs during other activites besides exercise? What HRs have you seen during activities like having sex, watching a scary movie, skydiving, watching TdF, scuba diving in a shark cage, discussing HR on an internet forum, etc?
  14. frenchyge

    Where's Warren?

    .....:confused: It's been a mite quiet. What gives?
  15. frenchyge

    First Race win -- thanks PowerTap!

    I scored my first win today on the first race of the season. I know that a Cat 5 win in early March is probably nothing to crow about, so I'll be brief. It was a 20 mile RR, which consisted of 4 laps around a 5-mile circuit. There was a strong crosswind on one portion, but it was flat except...
  16. frenchyge

    Resistance Training & Time-to-exhaustion

    Edmund Burke, in Serious Cycling mentions a study which produced interesting results related to resistance training in trained cyclists. Summary: Robert Hickson from Univ. of Illinois at Chicago studied the effect of heavy resistance training on runners and cyclists who had been training for...
  17. frenchyge

    Power Profiles and Race Tactics

    As part of my recent shift in thinking toward how to apply all this training to actual podium finishes, I've been wondering how to match tactics to rider strengths and/or course requirements. What race tactics would be most appropriate for each of the 4 profiles described on the CyclingPeaks...
  18. frenchyge

    How many 'matches' are in your pack?

    All this training has got me excited for race season and thinking about how to best exploit my watts during the spring races. Certainly it's fun to have the strength to bridge-up to a break or survive a selection when it happens, but what if our winter training has been successful enough that...
  19. frenchyge

    Chamois Butt'r -- just for men?

    Ok, this is a little awkward, but my wife recently began riding and has been experiencing the same saddle discomfort that all newbies face. I suggested some Chamois Butt'r and she had some hygiene concerns about its use. Should women avoid using Chamois Butt'r or other similar products? Are...
  20. frenchyge

    Of echelons and pacelines

    I just finished reading Thomas Prehn's Racing Tactics for Cyclists and found it to be a good read. One question, though, is his use of the term 'echelon.' In chapter 2 he discusses the efficient and effective use of a pacelines in bike racing. He defines a paceline as a line of riders where...