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  1. JoelTGM

    Question about first full carbon bike

    I am looking to buy a full carbon bike. I looked at some in the price range of $1800-$3000, and I found they didn't really feel much lighter than aluminum bikes. Is that just the reality of carbon bikes in this price range? Because I just remember a while back picking up someone's carbon bike...
  2. JoelTGM

    How do you train for hills when you have no hills to train on?

    I don't have any real hills around here to train on, so I've been wanting to find a way to build my muscles for that with some workouts. So I figure I'll have to do weights and also I'll be getting an indoor trainer soon. So by riding on the trainer for a couple hours a day practicing cadence...
  3. JoelTGM

    So can somebody explain team racing to me?

    I always hear that if you have multiple riders of the same team riding against one solo guy, the solo guy always loses that battle. Can anyone explain why this is? I'm not saying it doesn't work that way, but I would think that the best rider should win. Even if a team keeps attacking him, I...
  4. JoelTGM

    Broke first spoke today... when this happens are you pretty much screwed?

    I broke one today and it sucked! I didn't bang the wheel or do anything out of the ordinary. The wheel was so potato chipped that it rubbed up against the frame and couldn't turn, so instead of walking the bike which would skid the tire, I carried the bike home. That took a long time and now...
  5. JoelTGM

    How much do tires affect speed?

    I used to get flats every week on the crappy trails I rode, so I got thick tires with kevlar in them, and since then I've never had a flat. Nowadays I ride a paved trail though, so I don't think I even need them anymore, and the other day at the bike shop I was putting together these basic...
  6. JoelTGM

    Bike helmets are awesome!

    Yesterday I was awakened from what felt like a lifetime of sleep, rolled onto a stretcher thing, given a neck brace, then brought up into an ambulance. I don't know what happened and I only know where abouts it happened because they told me, but apparently I crashed and was just laying...
  7. JoelTGM

    So who's the fastest/strongest rider here?

    Just out of curiosity and for fun, who on these forums is the fastest and strongest rider? anyone know? any pros, or super dedicated club cyclists?
  8. JoelTGM

    Are road tires alright on gravel?

    I ride on a trail that is like 70% paved, the rest is some not too bad gravel, so I've been using thick tires with kevlar on my road bike to deal with that for the past year now, but boy are they heavy. Recently with the snow and ice I discovered these tires are actually just as awful as slick...
  9. JoelTGM

    What causes your lungs to hurt after a ride?

    Now that the snow is mostly gone I managed to get in a really quick bike ride, before it got too dark. I found when I got back my lungs felt sort of kicked, like it feels a bit constricted so it makes me cough a lot and I am still coughing. I'm just curious what causes this because I thought...
  10. JoelTGM

    Does your performance in the winter time worsen?

    In the summer time my average speed was up around 30 km/h, but since then it's been slowing, and yesterday I somehow did 26.5 km/h. It gets windier in the winter time here so maybe that's it, but I just feel like I have less energy. Is this a normal thing to happen around winter time or am I...
  11. JoelTGM

    How low should your handlebars be?

    Just curious because I got some drop bars installed on my bike finally, and I think they might be a little high. The frame was built to allow for fenders by the way, so it might be higher than regular. So when your pedal is at it's highest point, shouldn't your knee go like above your...
  12. JoelTGM

    For Lance Armstrong fans

    heres a good video