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  1. PeterF

    Riding my first Randonee, tire recommendations please?

    I have signed up for a 100k ride in Western Massachusetts called the D2R2 (Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee)in August. My plan is to use my cycle cross bike with the easiest gearing I can put together (34/26 or 29 will be my easiest gear). I own some 26mm road-training tire and I own some 30mm...
  2. PeterF

    Eggbeater Question

    My speedplays are facing retirement and I have wanted to replace with Crank Bros Eggbeaters. My question, what is the benefit of the Eggbeater SL over the Eggbeater C? Ok, the SL is stainless and 30g lighter, but I'm not worried about rust (I enjoy cleaning my bikes obsessively) and I ALWAYS...
  3. PeterF

    Need a new Tubular rim- Advice please

    I broke a tubular rim this past weekend (Campy Barcelona 32sp) and need a replacement and someone to build it. My hubs are 2006 Campy Record 10 and my intended use of the rim will be training with larger volume tires (24/25mm). I prefer low profile and I value durablitly and strength over all...
  4. PeterF

    Going to Flanders, what wheels to bring?

    Hello all, I will be heading to Belgium next week for a vacation and I'm bringing my own bike. I will be participating in a 150k citizens ride of the Tour of Flanders route (not the full 250k, but long enough). Besides the citizens ride, I will be spending a week riding in the area with a goal...
  5. PeterF

    Campy Mystery cranks???

    I recently purchases a set of 50/36 Record CT sq taper cranks. The fact that they are pre-Ultra Torque suggests they are a few years old, but with the bushings and rings are in good shape, and other than some tiny nicks in the clear coat, they are in very good shape. One thing that struck me...
  6. PeterF

    Campy CT Crankset question

    Hello, Yesterday I purchase a campy Record compact crank question with a 50/36t combo (older square taper bb model. It's being shipped to me). I like the idea of the 36t since I find it more suitable for my local terrain, but would like the 34t ring as well for trips to the mountains and the...
  7. PeterF

    Do you really need a front derailleur designed for a compact?

    My cross bike has a 46/36t crankset. I decided for winter road use I'd like to use the 50/34 rings that came with the crank when I bought it (Centaur). I have heard you need a compact compatible front deraileur for a 16t drop between chainrings. Not wanting to shell out more bike money, I...
  8. PeterF

    27mm tubies in a CAAD8- Will it work?

    I have learned to love the ride of tubulars. I have also learned to love the feel of larger clinchers (26mm). I would be interested in installing Vittoria Pave's in 27mm or 27mm Dugast tubulars for use in my CAAD8. Before I lay out the coin for these tires, I want to make sure that I won't be...
  9. PeterF

    BB installation. Best lube?

    I have a Cannondale aluminum frame and a Campy Record (sq taper..sure it's old school but I still think it's the best system). When I install it, I use Park Anti seize compound which is recommended for alum on alum applications, however after 1,500 miles or so it starts to click. Once I remove...
  10. PeterF

    Record 10 Levers: Time for a rebuild?

    I have been using the same Campy Record 10 levers since 2004. All told there are probably 15-16k miles on these, and the area I live in has a lot of rolling terrain so there is a lot of shifting (mostly from the 14-19t cogs). They levers have always performed flawlessly, although last year I...
  11. PeterF

    Campy Brake Question

    Can I use a set of pre-2000 Campy shoes/pads on my 2004 Record calipers? I need new pads and before shelling out $35, I would like to use a set of the old shoes/pads that I have with almost 0 miles on them. Thank you.
  12. PeterF

    2 Questions on Tubulars

    I am new to tubulars this spring and am trying to learn all I can. I love how they ride but my first glue job was a bit of an adventure. Anyhow I have the following questions: 1. I just bought a spare tubular to keep in my pocket for emergencies. What should I do to prepare the spare? Mind you...
  13. PeterF

    Metal Front derailleur cages

    I noticed some of the photos of the pro bikes at the Tour of Flanders had metal front deailleur cages. Campy bikes had Chorus front derailleurs (metal) and some SRAM bikes were fitted with a special all metal Red front der. Stiffer? Better shifting? Or is this for durabilty?
  14. PeterF

    Sew-up riders: Advice please..

    I just bought my first set of tubular wheels (Campy Barcelona laced to Record hubs). I am looking for a good tire for crit racing and would appreciate any advice, but also, what do you all use for tire installation? Glue seems to be an popular choice of course, but has anyone used the Tufo...
  15. PeterF

    Record Carbon Crank: Problem

    I was attempting to remove a pedal from the non drive side crank arm of my 2006 Record carbon crankset for some regular maintanence/lube. The pedal required a bit of force to loosen and when I turned it I noticed that it wasn't the pedal coming loose, but the brass bushing seemed to be...
  16. PeterF

    25mm tires. Faster than 23's for 100 KG rider?

    I have been using 26mm tires for the winter since the cold weather in the Northeast US has opened up some pretty big holes and cracks in the roads. I like the extra cushion to smooth out the roads. Apart from the smoother ride, I'm not entirely sure if they are slower. In fact they may be...
  17. PeterF

    Velocity Rim Question

    I have a set of Velocity Aerohead/OC built on Record hubs. I love them. They are fast, smooth, and pretty much bombproof. I have been dabbling with a similar set up only tubular. Does Velocity make the Escape in an OC (off center) design like the aeroheads? If not, how do the standard rims...
  18. PeterF

    2006 Centaur

    I picked up 2006 Centaur shifters and rear derailleur for a cross project last winter and used it for racing this year. I run 2006 Record on my road bikes. At the risk of sounding crazy, I actually prefer the Centaur. Stiffer, more positive, and the alum paddle feels better than the plastic ones...
  19. PeterF

    Selling advice: complete bike or individual parts?

    If you were to sell a bike (Pinarello Opera frameset, full Record 10 speed), would you sell the entire bike or strip the parts down and sell them individually? My original thought would be to sell it in parts, since the individual components are all in excellent shape, as is the frameset. Plus...
  20. PeterF

    Tubular rim choice

    I am interested in having a set of tubies hand built. I am going with Record hubs (preferably pre-2006 10 speed if I can find them), but not sure on the rims yet. The use will be crits and training rides. The rims that interest me are in order: 1. Velocity Escape 2. Ambrosio Montreal 3. Mavic...