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  1. vitamin s

    what's up with radio shack?

    this is not about armstrong only, but some VERY good climbers from radioshack got dropped far too easily yesterday very early in the stage. we are talking about guys who could blow races apart only a couple of years ago and they couldnt even stay with the peloton on the second climb of the day...
  2. vitamin s

    does the peleton still respect LA?

    he complained that the pace was too fast on the last descent yesterday and didnt seem to like the style of racing. id bet if this was 4 years ago, he would have been able to slow it all down. the leaders dropped him without much trouble 2 days ago. discuss.
  3. vitamin s

    why the piepoli cover up?

    why is piepoli's test not being made public? he already confessed to doping, and he was surely tested after his insane ride at hautacam. who is he paying to keep it from the media?
  4. vitamin s

    menchov quits?!

    velonews is reporting that menchov abandoned because he was too upset over the rasmussen thing. that is fucked. im not going to act like i know whether he is clean or not, but he has been fucked by heras and now rasmussen.
  5. vitamin s

    discos giro team, what do you think?

    missing brajkovic, leipheimer, contador, martinez, and hincapie, i assume because these guys will be going to the tour de france. thoughts on their choices? solid lineup?
  6. vitamin s

    tell me about probikekit supplements

    whats up cyclists, im in japan and have limited options for buying supplements and stuff in my small, country town. so, i have resolved to buy some supplements from . to give you some background, i am riding my bike about 12 hours per week and doing judo 6 hours per week as...
  7. vitamin s

    what brake pads do i need?

    my bianchi has the house brand brakes on it. the model is: Bianchi RC-461 E . i need to buy some replacement brake pads for these. does anyone know which are compatible? thanks in advance.
  8. vitamin s

    now that the season is in full swing.....

    discuss your observations. paris nice was a great race. exciting until the very end. i hope this is just the beginning of many epic wars between sanchez and contador. they are exciting to watch. imo, leipheimer made a bad choice for his own personal goals by going to disco. contador...
  9. vitamin s

    cyclists in japan, step inside

    hows it going fellas. im curious to know what people living in japan are eating and drinking for bike performance. i heard that rice is good, but that the type of rice they have in japan isnt good because they strip all the nutrients from it during the harvest. also, when i go into the...
  10. vitamin s

    whats up with lucho herrera

    for a while this dude was getting kidnapped and held for ransom and all kinds of weird stuff. anyone know whats up with him? discuss
  11. vitamin s

    will basso ride the tour?

    i will bump this thread to the top when july rolls around, but lets get some predictions. i say the aso lets everyone ride this year to detract from all the bad press. vino, basso......all of them to ensure that this years tour generates some excitement.
  12. vitamin s

    best grand tour domestique ever?

    criteria: 1) must have been a domestique for entire career. 2) the only reason the domestique could go for a gc standing was because the team leader could for some reason not fulfill that role my vote goes to sean yates but my knowledge is limited to 1986 and after. discuss!
  13. vitamin s

    In Japan, language limits, want bike

    okay guys, i know this subject is like beating a dead horse at this point. this forum is filled with opinions, and trust me, i have read as much as i can. i know i need to test ride bikes to find the best fit. the problem is, i am in japan teaching english and dont speak much japanese. i...
  14. vitamin s

    how good was hampsten?

    he was my favorite rider as a kid and i just watched a copy of the 88 tour. do you think he could have won the tour de france if he stayed with la vie claire? was 7-11 just incapable of supplying him with a top tier program? was his career hampered because of all the dopers of his era...