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  1. MarkInNC

    Exotic Carbon FF

    I am changing my Trek 6500 over to a hybrid as I ride it on the road almost exclusively. I put Cane Creek 700c wheels on a year ago and am now interested in a rigid front fork. Exotic makes a carbon unit which has the disk brake mounts that I need. Has anyone seen one of these or have any...
  2. MarkInNC

    New Crank Set

    I have a Trek 6500 that Ive changed to a hybrid. About six months ago I bought a XT crank set on line. I did not have the tools so I paid my LBS to install it. The biggest reason for the new set was a higher gear than I had with the stock crank set. The new set never shifted as well as the...
  3. MarkInNC


    I have my bike at my LBD who is installing my new crank set for me as I did not have the tools to take off the old one or install the new one. So, later today I'll have larger chain rings to provide a higher gear ratio. I looked around when I was there yesterday and bit the bullet. I have...
  4. MarkInNC

    Bottom Bracket Question

    My new XT crankset and bottom bracket arrived yesterday. I am increasing the chainring size from 44T to 48T as well as moving up a notch or two in type. I have read the install instructions a couple of times. The BB can be used on both width hubs and has a set of washers/spacers which are...
  5. MarkInNC

    Crank Set Upgrade

    I have been slowly but surely changing things on my Trek MTB to make it into a hybrid. I have changed the wheels over to a set of Kane Creek 700c wheels and a set of 32 road tires. I have changed out the front RockShox front fork to a carbon rigid fork. Next on my list is to change out...
  6. MarkInNC

    Selle SMP Saddle

    I wish there was a way to try one before you bought it. I have been looking at the Selle SMP saddles on-line and it seems that the design might be good for me. But, at well over 200 dollars that makes them expensive, at least for me. So, I thought Id ask here if any one uses an SMP and what...
  7. MarkInNC

    First Commute

    I have been riding for about a year now and one of the goals I had set for myself was to use my bike to commute to and from work. I live 17 miles away from work. Riding 17 miles is not difficult. Arranging things to be transparent and putting aside the time is more difficult. I wound up...
  8. MarkInNC

    MTB On The Road

    I ride a MTB on the road. I am much more comfortable with the riding position that this provides me as apposed to a road bike. I have a KHS road bike but dont ride it anymore as it does unkind things to my back. I have changed out some of the MTB components making more of a hybrid. I have a nice...
  9. MarkInNC

    MTB On The Road

    I ride a MTB on the road. I am much more comfortable with the riding position that this provides me as apposed to a road bike. I have a KHS road bike but dont ride it anymore as it does unkind things to my back. I have changed out some of the MTB components making more of a hybrid. I have a...
  10. MarkInNC

    Baggy Long Pants?

    I have been riding for about six months and it will be chilly in a month or two. I am wearing baggy MTB shorts now which work fine. I have started to look at long pants and the only things I have seen are the tights. Before I go that way, I'd like to try a pair of long pants that are not...
  11. MarkInNC

    Another Chain Cleaning Question

    I decided to clean up my bike after my ride last night. I had purchased a spray can of white lightning degreaser and a bottle of their wax lube. The spray degreaser seemed to clean the exterior portion of the chain, it brightened right up. I wiped it down as the instructions say. But as I...
  12. MarkInNC

    What Is Up With These Kids?

    I ride 3-4 times a week on the roads in my area. I am still a beginer and building my experience base as well as ability. I have been whatevered a half dozen times over the past several weeks. That is, honked at and or yelled at. In each case the offending driver has been a teen with one or...
  13. MarkInNC

    Another Seat Question

    I am fairly new to ridding and now have a MTB and a road bike and ride several times a week. I spent a considerable amount of time attempting to dial in the seat position on my MTB and basically just duplicated those on my road bike. I have things set up now so that everything works, almost...
  14. MarkInNC

    Campo Drive Train

    I just got a bike I purchased on the internet on the road and it does well, so far. I am interested in finding an instruction on how to set and adjust the Campo derailers, does anyone have a link? thanks, Mark
  15. MarkInNC

    Has Anyone Made A Bike Stand?

    I am thinking of making a bike stand out of pvc to lift the rear tire off the ground to make adjustments and cleaning easier. I thought Id post a question and see what you have come up with. Mark
  16. MarkInNC

    Shimano SPD Pedal Adjustment

    My left pedal is not holding my shoe tight enough and I went to adjust it today. It was not obvious just how to do this. I tried adj. the allen but that did not seem to do anything. I read the information on the Shimano web site. The information was not very clear. It said the adjuster was...
  17. MarkInNC

    Cycle Computer

    I have a simple computer on my mountain bike which works just fine for me. It has time of day, elapst ride time, trip odometer, odometer, max speed, and even temp. I need another computer for a new bike and would like the new computer to include cadence which my current one does not. I want...
  18. MarkInNC

    Camp Veloce

    Well I just bought a bike on ebay. I have learned the various grades of components in the drive systems made by Shimano and sort of know what to look for. The bike I bought has components and wheels made by Campagnola. Running gear is veloce and wheels and hubs are stated as campy vento. The...
  19. MarkInNC


    What and how are you guys doing normal lubrication, particularly the chain? I have read about spray on clean up products for the chain. I have read about a mechanical chain cleaner. I have read about using a toothbrush and solvent. I got caught in the rain yesterday during a ride at the...
  20. MarkInNC

    Mountain Bikes On The Road

    I have been riding my bike, a Trek 6500, mostly on the road. I have tires with a slick contact patch and some small treads along the edges. The bike does fine and has the advantage of doing better when hitting the frequent sand and rock patch that we seem to have everywhere around here. I...