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  1. capwater

    Any Chance Of Eliminating All The Spam

    I used to visit this place religiously, but rarely do so due to all the spam. Any chance the admin can toss in something to block the junk? Thanks.
  2. capwater

    Trek Quality Control

    Buddy of mine gets his brand new Trek Madone 5.2 last night. Being without a bike for 5 days due to a crash he was seriously pumped to ride. He gets in about 10 miles and starts complaining about his front brake locking up. We pull over and start looking at and discover the wheel is wobbly...
  3. capwater

    USCF Upgrade

    Looking for some clarification on upgrading from road Cat5 to Cat4. On the USCF site it says 10 mass starts are required, but never explains if there is a timeframe to have the 10 starts. Is it 12 months, a single season or what? I have 1 race in 2003, 3 in 2005 and 5 thusfar in 2006. Will 1...
  4. capwater

    SRAM/Wipperman Chain Connector

    Do y'all replace these great little gadgets when you replace the chain or can you reuse them with a new chain? It would appear that the chain wear (ie; stretch) occurs on the rollers more than the pins. Yeah, yeah, I know they ain't that expensive so I should just go with new/new each time...
  5. capwater

    Supergo; $20 off $100 coupon

    code 8225776
  6. capwater

    Nashbar Coupon 20% off $80 exp 6/26/05

    Use coupon SUMSAV
  7. capwater

    Performance Web Coupon; 15% Off on $100

    15% off your order over $100. Use coupon # 600622. Expires: 6/23
  8. capwater

    Integrated Headset Replacement

    I've checked out some info on the Cane Creek site (looking at the IS-6) about installing an integrated headset and there is no mention of any special press/tool required since there are no cups, the headtube actually serving that purpose. Is it as straightforward as it appears to be? Anything...
  9. capwater

    Performance Bike Coupon Wanted

    Yup, did it once again. I deleted the email with the Performance code and then later realized I could use some stuff. Anyone have the details of their latest offer? Think it is the 20% off $100 or more deal. Thanks much.
  10. capwater

    Chips In CF Clearcoat

    Have a great set of FSA Team Issue carbon cranks. At the ends where the pedals screw in there are some chips and flaking of the clear protective coat (carbon material is fine). Any suggestions for touching up the chips? The are bigger thyan something that clear nail polish would handle. Not...
  11. capwater

    Performance Coupon Code Wanted

    Anyone know of one? I know they had one a couple of weeks ago when I ordered my shifters. Thanks in advance.
  12. capwater

    Mystery Frame

    Used frame showed up at my door so I adopted it. It's TI and supposedly Russian manufacture, so I was told. The only markings on it are stickers on the downtube that read "Max Ti". It has a 1" headtube and the bb shell is 70mm with english threads. I plan on it being my eBay parts built...
  13. capwater

    Performance Titan Wheels

    Anyone have any experience with this product? Looks like some kind of Ksyrium Elite knockoff (semi aero, bladed 20 spoke rear, etc). Thanks.
  14. capwater

    SRAM PC-69 9 Speed Chain Advice

    Normally I run Ultegra chains on my road bikes (one DA and one 105), but came across a bunch of these SRAM chains for $4 each. My initial research shows it to be listed as fitting road OR mountain drivetrains. Anyone have any experience with them on road setups or SRAM chains in general? Thanks.
  15. capwater

    Nashbar or Performance Web Coupons?

    Anyone know if there are any current discount coupon codes floating around out there? Much thanks.
  16. capwater

    Dumb Rear Derailleur?

    Thinking about pulling a 105 rear der off an 8 speed and putting it on a 9 speed. Since the shifters are 9s, will the rear just be a slave to them and move or do I need a 9 speed specific rear? Confused since front ders come in either double or triple and the same levers generally work with...
  17. capwater

    Triple To Double Conversion

    Beater bike is a Tiagra triple. Have a set of 105 double cranks I would like to put on. Will a long cage rear der function properly? Yeah, yeah, I should spring for the new short cage one, but seeing how this is a beater bike I want to keep the cost down. Show me some bandwidth Brother...
  18. capwater

    Wheel True

    Put a year's worth of heavy riding on a set of Ksyrium Elites. About 3 weeks ago I noticed a driveside spoke loosening. Took it to the LBS and they trued it. All fine until, now I have a non-driveside spoke loose. Now I know I should bite the bullet and learn how to true it myself. My...
  19. capwater

    Indoor Trainer: Mag vs. Fluid

    Sure, these aren't really apples to apples since price is a huge difference, but any thoughts. I ride outside as much as possible even down to 40 degrees, but with the time change that is mostly limited to the weekends. I'd like to grab a ride or two during the week and am thinking about...
  20. capwater

    New Cassette and Old Chain..Bad Idea?

    Got a set of new Ksyriums and installed a new Ultegra (12-23) cassette on it. Runs a little rough in the middle gears. Put my old (maybe 2k miles) 105 cassette (12-25) on and it's smooth as hot buttah. I'm guessing a new chain is in order with the new cassette. Also, is there any lube...