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  1. OursIsTheFury

    How long do you usually power train daily?

    I usually do about 40-60 minutes during training, and I'm pretty much just a newbie in this game. I was wondering what more experienced cyclists do in their power training? How long per day, and are there any special things you do before or after training to make it easier?
  2. OursIsTheFury

    How long do you usually go for a ride daily?

    We all have our routines when it comes to cycling. Some of us do it for leisure, some to train up, while some use it as a form of exercise. How long do you usually go for a ride daily? Me about an hour, just riding through the streets near my apartment. There's only a few cars in the area, so...
  3. OursIsTheFury

    What keeps you motivated to do your cycling on a regular basis?

    For me, even though I love cycling, sometimes it's really hard to get up so early in the morning (because it's so peaceful, and there's very few cars on the roads); how do you guys keep doing it regularly? How do you keep boredom at bay? Thanks for the responses, everyone!