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    Vino's rollercoaster 4 days

    Saturday: Vino takes his frustration out on the entire field, crushing them in the ITT and rekindling hope for a podium spot. Sunday: Vino collapses, losing 30 minutes on GC and any overall hopes. Monday: Vino rides to queen stage glory. Tuesday: Vino tests positive, invalidating an entire...

    ARD und ZDF uber alles!

    The Germans get it. By suspending coverage of the TdF as a result of Sinkewitz's positive, they ratchet up the pressure on the organizers to stop testing altogether. For some reason, professional cycling is the only major sport that insists upon eating itself -- the organizers suspend riders...

    Useful to cut and paste into all posts in this forum:

    Waaaah! It's all Lance's fault. I hate Basso. I hate Discovery. I hate Landis. I love Ullrich, though. He's a doper too, but he hasn't signed a lucrative contract with Discovery so he's salt of the earth with me. All cyclists dope, but but I only condemn the riders I dislike, and I dislike...

    Home at last!

    I'm glad to find a group of like-minded people who pretend to like cycling but who in fact have no purpose in life other than to loathe Lance Armstrong and ***** about doping. My photo is there on the left. Look forward to being miserable with you all. :)