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  1. giltoronto

    Looking for a cycling partner.

    Hi everybody. I'm from Toronto and i'm looking for some friends to ride together on the weekends, i use to ride on High Park area and Lakeshore, I'm 30years old and i live on the High Park area, if you wanna go for a ride, just drop me a line at [email protected] Tanks :)
  2. giltoronto


    Do you guys wear underwear, under your bike shorts, when go for a ride?
  3. giltoronto

    Looking for friends and partner riders

    Hi I'm from Toronto and i'm going to buy a bike this summer and i'm looking for some friends and partner riders from Toronto area, High Park and Lakeshore are great places to ride. I'm 30 years old, you guys can e-mail me at [email protected] Tanks.
  4. giltoronto

    how to gain weight?

    Hi i'm 28 140 lbs 5.8f and i would like to gain some weight, somebody can help me?
  5. giltoronto

    Anyone from toronto-canada?

    Hi i'm 28 and i'm looking for new friends in toronto.