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  1. Bob Ross

    Can garmin varia radar talk to a wahoo elemnt?

    Back story: Wife was in a catastrophic crash last year, fractured her C2 vertebrae, had emergency spine surgery which fused C1-4. She'll permamently have restricted range of motion in side-to-side rotation ...and yet she wants to get back on the bike. (Eventually.) We're modifying her cockpit...
  2. Bob Ross

    Anybody here using the polar m450?

    Anybody here using the Polar M450? My wife's been using one for maybe a year, and she keeps having problems with the computer not "finding" her sensors. Apparently Polar's customer service sucks, so she's looking for an end user with experience troubleshooting this device. If you've got any...
  3. Bob Ross

    Simple Comparison Of Campy Record To Super Record?

    You would think this is one of the easiest things to find on the 'net, but apparently my Google-Fu is weak, 'cuz I'm coming up empty: Is there a simple, feature-for-feature comparison of the differences between Campagnolo's Record versus Super Record groupsets? I can sort of extrapolate it by...
  4. Bob Ross

    Where can I get a Blackburn SCK1 SideClip Kit in the US?

    I've been using a Blackburn SCK1 SideClip Kit (plastic pump holder that mounts in between your bottle cage and frame & holds the pump off to the side...see picture) for years. Got it from a friend ~5 years ago, and it works wonderfully for mounting my Topeak RoadMorph G pump. Just got a...
  5. Bob Ross

    Challenge Sierran SL vs HP Velotechnik Speedmachine

    oops, double-post
  6. Bob Ross

    Challenge Sierran SL vs HP Velotechnik Speedmachine

    Cointoss, or obvious reasons to choose one over the other? Discuss.
  7. Bob Ross

    Reynolds Solitude vs Mavic Ksyrium Elite

    A minor wheel comparison is inducing way more angst than seems necessary... I'm ordering a new bike from a custom framebuilder & getting the complete Ultegra build kit from him as well. His default wheelset with an Ultegra build are Reynolds Solitudes. I have never used Reynolds Solitudes...
  8. Bob Ross

    full fenders on a 2010 Cannondale Synapse?

    Been looking for a new bike for the missus so she can ride in the rain, something that can accept full-coverage fenders (like Honjos or SKS/Esges). I was all resigned to finding an old steel bike or perhaps a cyclocross frame, but last week while poking around in the LBS I noticed some 2010...
  9. Bob Ross

    please recommend a training book

    My wife asks "I'm looking for a training book geared towards recreational cycling. I'd like to become faster for club rides but I'm not looking to peak for a race. I'm looking to be able to be consistent through a long Spring, Summer, Fall cycling season." She was training with a cycling coach...
  10. Bob Ross

    any downside to Wipperman Connex link?

    I'm thinking of getting a Wippermann Connex (or equivalent quick-disconnect link) to make cleaning my chain & drivetrain easier. Is there any downside to these gizmos? I've read 1 or 2 anecdotes about quick-disconnect links coming undone at the starting line of a race (!) but as far as I can...
  11. Bob Ross

    Maintaining fitness after an accident

    My wife asks: "I'm off the bike for a few weeks due to a shoulder injury from a bike accident. However, I can use the stationary bike at the gym. Is there a specific type of program I should do to maintain my fitness during recovery?" Advice/suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Bob Ross

    does anyone make a gold-colored saddle?

    So my wife has decided to do an aesthetic upgrade to her bike: Wants to change the tires, bar tape, & saddle to something gold colored. Should I disuade her from even bothering, or does anyone know of a decent road saddle that's available in gold? (Gold colored, not metallic gold. Although...
  13. Bob Ross

    have I overlooked any important measurements?

    My bike's in the shop for at least a week awaiting a replacement part. Fortunately the LBS gave me a loaner bike...and it's kinda nice! I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no fit issues in going from my bike to this loaner; other than having to raise the seat 2cm, it's been pretty...
  14. Bob Ross

    front derailleur + idiot (me) = confusion

    I've got a Shimano Ultegra front derailleur & a compact 50/34 chainring, and whenever I'm in the big ring/small cog combination the outside of the chain is rubbing against the inside of the front derailleur cage. I've been hesitant to do any tweaking myself, as A) I have no wrenching experience...
  15. Bob Ross

    what to watch out for when buying a crappy old frame to upgrade/refurb?

    So I've somehow gotten it into my head that I want to find a crappy 20 or 30 year old steel road frame to use as my commuter/beater bike. Perhaps a 10-speed, or perhaps a single speed; I suppose ideally I'd like the option of going either way. I've seen plenty of old/refurbished Raleigh...
  16. Bob Ross

    Gore Wear Add-Tec II jersey - anyone?

    anyone wear one of these? Comments, criticisms, unabashed enthusiasm?
  17. Bob Ross

    off-the-shelf <25lb understeering SWB?

    subject line says it all: does anyone make an under-25-pound, short wheelbase, understeering 'bent that isn't custom? (Bonus points if it's less than $2000!)
  18. Bob Ross

    any reason *not* to use mountain shoes on a road bike?

    I've read a ton of the "What shoes/clipless pedals should I get?" threads, but haven't come across any that specifially address this issue: Are there any reasons I might *not* want to use mountain bike shoes on a road bike? I've been riding with toeclips for a decade or so, but am about to...
  19. Bob Ross

    flying w/ your bike, vs. shipping them ahead

    My wife & a friend & I are planning a cycling vacation to Tuscon this coming winter, and unlike previous trips we want to bring our own bikes (rather than rent there). We're trying to weigh the pros & cons of packing the bikes as checked luggage on our flight, versus packing them in advance &...
  20. Bob Ross

    the "sound" of carbon

    (hijacked from another thread) I've noticed a characteristic sound of my carbon frame (Cannondale Synapse) that I also noticed rather blatantly when I test rode a Kestrel Talon SL, and, to a lesser extent, a Giant TCR & an S-Works Tarmac: It's like a "clattering" or almost a wooden...