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  1. BlueJersey

    Broke my collar bone...

    What is ironic is that in my 4 years of racing I never had a major accident or injury. Just past 2 weeks on my way to riding back home from work on the Brooklyn bridge, NYC, I brushed against a clueless and mindless pedestrian and lost my balance as a result. Hit hard on my right shoulder. I...
  2. BlueJersey

    Matches found in MatchWKO. Do they look right?

    Today was the NYC Empire Olympic game qualifier. The top 10s or 20s are qualified to compete in the NY Empire State Olympic game. Basically, 74 miles around a 3.25 miles park loop. Madness?? Insane??? Don't know but each lap there is a quarter of a mile long 5% grade climb. Rougly 22 laps...
  3. BlueJersey

    DHEA..........just curious...

    Hey, I am taking 4 days of rest before my next training cycle. Got some free time and digging through the web. Reflected on my previous race files and data........ I know DHEA is a banned sustance in pro level cycling. The "supplement" has been used to prevent or to reverse the aging...
  4. BlueJersey

    Arch cleats??

    Thoughts and opinions?? I just read through a section in Cyclingnews about pushing your cleats at the midfoot section you can get 10% to 15% pedaling efficiency. Most shoes can't have the cleats pushed that far back.
  5. BlueJersey

    What makes one rider having more AWC???

    I was just thinking about the Jiminy Peak race I did this past Sat. Overall I didn't exert any unnecessary energy during the race, cat4 field. My average power shows it. I burnt 16 matches with 1 minute duration. They were 120%+ of my FT. If I had 2 more matches to burn before the final...
  6. BlueJersey

    CTL. How low should one go during tapering??

    My current CTL is 63. I am tapering right now until the 13th. Got a up hill TT on this Sat. Will be short (25 minutes??) and the effort would not tire me out. Roughly 10 days before the targeted event. It seems that once my CTL reaches to 50 I feel like I have lost some fitness. I seem to...
  7. BlueJersey

    NJ High Point Hill Climb.

    I am hoping some of you did it. What is the average grade? Would a 39x25 good enough to maintain a moderate fast cadence?
  8. BlueJersey

    VO2max block training schedule.

    Does this look OK? I am about to target my vo2max training for 3 weeks and 2 weeks before my major race. Sat-- 5x5 Sunday--morning local race 1 hour 30 minutes. 5x5 in the afternoon Monday--5x5 Tuesday--rest Wednesday--rest Thursday--endurance pace either on the trainer or commuting to...
  9. BlueJersey

    VO2max workout after an hour and 30 minutes race???

    Is it a good idea to do some VO2max 5x5 workout after a morning race which lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes??? I have 5 weeks before my targeted race. I would like to work on my VO2max power for 2 to 3 weeks, and 1 week before the event. Also, should my training week incorporate threshold...
  10. BlueJersey

    How do I know if my saddle setback is too far back???

    I did the KOPS measurement with my current setup. My knees are a bit 1cm behind the pedal spindels. I ride a 54cm frame with 54cm top tube lenght. 120mm stem. I am 5`9". I think I have an unsual longer thigh lenght. I am on a Fzik Aeron saddle and Ritchey WSC seatpost. The seatpost clamp...
  11. BlueJersey

    Is this TT position OK enough???

    I don't believe I can get the stem any lower since I am using a 73 degree stem. 100mm long. Thomson seatpost with "0" set back. SLR saddle all the way pushed to forward.
  12. BlueJersey

    TT position and fitting.

    I finally got all the parts for my TT rig. Last night I was trying to dial into my position. At home and on the trainer. I specifically looked for to see how flat my back is and how stretched out I am. At the moment the fit looks OK. Back is completely flat. Elbows are around 45 degree so...
  13. BlueJersey

    Shipping rates and TotalCycling.

    There is this nice little Bell TT helment I want to order from them. I am in the US, NYC. I am somewhat confused about their flat rate shipping. It said something like 2 or more boxes would have each additional boxes charged with their own flat rate shipping. So, if my order consisted of 3...
  14. BlueJersey

    How do I know if my body is trying to overcompensate???

    Hope it is not a silly question. I am just starting my 4th 6 weeks cycle. Half of the 3rd 6 weeks cycle I was working on 3 day block training because of the weather and forced to train on the trainer. I got some really good high intensity workout. I am planning to continue the block training...
  15. BlueJersey

    Converting road frame to a TT machine

    Would I be slower with a road frame converted to a dedicated TT machine versus an actual TT frame? I am building a TT rig on the cheap. I will be using my retired Orbea Lobular 50 frame. The frame is small enough for me to use a shorter stem and a Visiontech aerobar with a longer reach...
  16. BlueJersey

    Protein supplement.

    I may as well ask this since I want to know what others think of it. I have been taking protein supplement in the form of Muscle Milk for more than 6 months now. After a 3 hours SST session at 85% of FT, a glass of Muscle Milk would just bring me back to 80% recovey the next day. I usually...
  17. BlueJersey

    Cyclingpeak software and reg key problem

    I need some help here. I just completely upgraded my PC to a Pentium D dual core system with PCI Express graphic card. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall WinXP. I had to reinstall CyclingPeak as well. My key won't work anymore. I emailed CyclingPeak tech support already but haven't heard...
  18. BlueJersey

    Pasta as after race/training meal??

    I used to but haven't done so for the past months. Not sure why. :D
  19. BlueJersey

    How to you have your CTL break thru???

    Is it just me? Since I started off my off season with a relatively low CTL, I was able to ramp it up 3tss/day. After 2 42 day cycles, I am no longer able to maintain the same ramp rate. At the end of my third cycles, I think I could only manage to maintain 1.6 tss/day, that's with some block...
  20. BlueJersey

    Block training? Can you do too much?

    I have done a 3 days block training so far. Only on the trainer. 2 days and 2 hours per session at 85% FT and 1 day doing 1 minutes On/Off intervals for 30 minutes. My legs feel fine. My HR seems to be high not that I actually measure it. Last night I couldn't sleep that well and I could...