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  1. dougadam

    Trek 4300 or Trek Navigator 3.0 ?

    I am looking for some advice on what bike to purchase. I am considering the Trek 4300 and the Trek Navigator 3.0. I ride about 45 miles on back roads that have some very large hills. And because I live near lake Michigan it gets very windy. Also I carry about 30 lbs of stuff, and I am 51...
  2. dougadam

    Internal Hub?

    I would like to change my bike to an internal hub. Is sturmey archer a good brand?
  3. dougadam

    Man charged with bicyclist's death

    I just read this in our local paper.
  4. dougadam

    A car just ran into me!

    Wrecked my bike and ran over my foot. :(
  5. dougadam

    Touring bike frame size?

    Hi I am 5'9 and I have a 30 inch inseam. What size touring bike frame would I need. Thanks :)
  6. dougadam

    Surly Long Haul Trucker?

    Any reviews?
  7. dougadam ?

    Has anyone purchased from ? :confused:
  8. dougadam

    Chain lube

    What is the most practical product to use to lube a bike chain? :confused:
  9. dougadam

    Why can't car driver's and bike riders just get along?

    I was waiting for the bus, and a man on a pedal bike was riding down the side of a four lane road. A car came up behind him honking his horn. This went on until the man on the bike went up on the curb. This was a four lain road with little traffic. I just don't know why peaple are like this.
  10. dougadam


    What do you think of the trikke? I saw one on tv, and I must say that it looked awesome.
  11. dougadam

    Wednesday's EuroFile: Leipheimer heads to Astana; Tour heads to Italy
  12. dougadam

    FDA to consider limits, labeling for salt
  13. dougadam

    High-carb diet may help you think faster
  14. dougadam

    Cells that make sperm make stem cells, too: study
  15. dougadam

    Vitamin D needs more calcium to lower hip fracture
  16. dougadam

    Genetic map completed for mass-killer mosquito
  17. dougadam

    Chromium in drinking water causes cancer: U.S. agency
  18. dougadam

    Even limited exercise helps overweight women: study
  19. dougadam

    U.S. healthcare expensive, inefficient: report
  20. dougadam

    Study identifies gene linked to longer lifespan