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  1. Carrera


    Not a serious bike I know but ideal for kids aged between 11 - 14 years. It's been sprayed up a bit and fully serviced. No actual suspension but rides O.K. It's a Phantom Integra with black frame, push button shifters and ready to ride.
  2. Carrera

    Rear Derailleur Mounting Bracket

    Just thought I'd ask the following: First thing I noticed about the clapped out bike I'm fixing up was the derailleur mounting bolt was loose. Seems as if there had been a crash and it may have been the derailleur that smashed against the rear wheel and buckled the rim. I have a new wheel now...
  3. Carrera

    My Spoking Attempt Failed

    To cut a long long story short, my attempt to rebuild a very badly buckled rear MTB wheel failed. Initially the entire rim was knackered so I got hold of a front wheel rim as a replacement. My idea was to respoke the rear hub onto the new rim. I had real problems with the lacing of spokes as my...
  4. Carrera

    Daniel Larusso's Bike?

    I may be right or I may be wrong but this should be (according to those in the know) Daniel Larusso's bike in the original Karate Kid movie. A Mongoose apparently. Of course, I'm open to correction. If correct how much do these bikes sell for now. Presumably retro as Karate Kid was made in the...
  5. Carrera

    Doing Mechanical Stuff

    Thought I'd say "HI!" after some years of absence. I'm not racing any more but I have become interested in bike mechanics and bikes more as a career. I tend to just get bikes that need fixing and try and sort them out. So far, I've done chains, bottom brackets, cranks, derailleurs, freewheels...
  6. Carrera

    Carrera Virtuoso Roadbike

    Sorry, folks, been sold.
  7. Carrera

    Music Nostalgia

    YouTube is really good for locating those old vinyl singles from the seventies and eighties. Does anyone remember this guy?
  8. Carrera

    Russia To Send Warships To U.S. Coast

    It looks as if Moscow has found a means of getting back at Bush and McCain for interfering in Ukraine and Georgia. Now Russia has plans to ally with Venezuela (as the USSR effectively did in Cuba under Krushchev, back in the sixties). It's certainly the case Russia has far fewer allies now in...
  9. Carrera

    Armstrong to make a comeback

    The latest news is Lance Armstrong wants to compete in the TDF again. Here are the details: "Lance Armstrong is to come out of retirement and bid for an eighth Tour de France title, according to reports in Los Angeles last night. Armstrong, who will turn 37 next week, will join the Astana team...
  10. Carrera

    Power Climbing

    This is my latest discovery. I decided that due to my current body mass (overweight for a serious climber), I'd eliminate the very steep climbs from my rides and settle for moderate climbs. The difference being on the moderate climbs you sort of sit back on the seat, grab the middle of the hoods...
  11. Carrera

    Things We Watched As Kids

    I figured I'd forward the following intros and see if I'm the only dude who can remember some of these television series. If you watched these programs as a kid (as I did), please share your views. Here's the first one: Now the second...
  12. Carrera

    Putin May Send Military Aircraft Back To Cuba

    Yes, the Cold War is very definitely back on but, this time round, not an ideological war, rather a strategic one. Some months ago Russia threatened to retaliate if the U.S. went ahead and supported the independence of Kosovo from Serbia. In fact, the U.S. drive to support Kosovo's independence...
  13. Carrera

    Archbishop Sharia Law Storm

    For anyone who hasn't yet heard this story a simple summary will suffice: The Archbishop of Cantebury Rowan Williams recently gave a lecture in which he suggested the U.K. should now accept aspects of the incorporation of Sharia Law as "inevitable". As a result, all hell broke loose and, as I...
  14. Carrera

    MTB freewheel removal problem

    I've just managed to demolish my rear MTB wheel. I wanted to remove the freewheel itself which, as most people know, is a solid mass of cogs and not like the cassette that's used with Shimano roadbikes (and most more modern mountainbikes). I've had no problem removing Shimano cassettes on...
  15. Carrera

    Russia Overtaking The U.S.

    Ages ago, Vladimir Putin warned not to dismiss Russia as a capitalist superpower in the face of the new, expanding economic powerhouse China. Europe, for one, has been very quick to place Russia as second to China, given China's huge economic industrialisation. Now, things could be changing...
  16. Carrera

    Merry Christmas

    Anyone remember this dude, featured her on Top Of The Pops a couple of decades ago? This is all about St Nick dropping in for a bite and getting down to the funky junky rhythm of the disco beat:
  17. Carrera

    Teddy Bear provokes Crisis

    This story made the front page of the Daily Mirror today and is also on BBC News. Here's the Record's account: Sudan Teddy Bear Teacher Faces 40 Lashes Nov 27 2007 By John Fahey Briton Held In Sudan For Prophet 'Insult' A BRITISH teacher is facing a public flogging in Sudan for letting her...
  18. Carrera

    Russia tests world's biggest bomb

    Seems like a new Cold war is definitely on the cards and I've been following the situation for some time, especially as I used to live in Russia. Putin's latest vacuum bomb is apparently 4 times more powerful than anything in the U.S. to date, except nuclear (which the vacuum bomb isn't). Russia...
  19. Carrera

    Conservatism dead in the U.K.

    What a pity we've arrived at this state of affairs. What we have today is too many phoney politicians with no genuine convictions as opposed to the great leaders of past history such as Churchill. This David Cameron character surely has to be a joke. I mean, no way is this guy remotely a...
  20. Carrera

    Is Russia really the big bad wolf?

    I note there seems to be some kind of demonisation of Russia lately in the West. The latest big scandal in the plutonium incident in London. Of course, we do not know whether Putin actually knew anything about the activities of these KGB stooges. It should also be noted that the Government over...