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  1. davidbod

    Amazing Armstrong victory

    The event served as the state championship for cross-country. It's also part of the Mountain States Cup series. Mountain meaning the Rockies, not those puny Alps.
  2. davidbod

    Endurance in a pill

    The article I read on velonews on this subject indicates the both Hematide and Aicar would not be a problem for labs to detect in urine. If that is the case why would any rider use it knowing that the lab would eventually find it in the samples. This is nothing more than LeMonde making up a...
  3. davidbod

    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    The Prudhomme article is only one aspect of the whole pie. My point is that when you look at the whole pie, he has a tremendous amount of respect. The way you Lance haters characterize it, its as if he controls the entire media, race organizers, team management, etc., even Twitter itself...
  4. davidbod

    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    lol, maybe it escapes you that I've been a member of this forum since 2003 and have nearly twice as many posts as you have. You can see how old I am from my posts, and I've been an avid active cyclist since my late teens, well before Greg LeMond won his first Tour. I take your comment as the...
  5. davidbod

    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    I don't think anyone is making claims that Ireland is not going to show up without Armstrong, just that Armstrong's participation will bring added attraction and benefit to the race. The Tour organizers were quite happy about the announcement back in February: Irish Examiner - 2009/02/24...
  6. davidbod

    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    Its been a while since I've checked out the forums. I see things haven't changed much. It surprises me how people get so emotional and pigheaded about LA and think they know what he is all about. Whether people want to admit it or not LA has huge respect within the current and retired peloton...
  7. davidbod

    *** SPOILER *** Interesting facts from Landis' book

    Yeah, I don't understand why they won't allow a different lab to test the results. They could have completely removed the conspiracy aspect of the case by allowing UCLA to do it. If it had been done this way and found positive it would even have given more credibility to LNDD regarding LA's EPO...
  8. davidbod

    Doctor.House has left or gone on vacation.

    Flyer has flown the coup again. Chicken anyone?
  9. davidbod

    Mayo Positive For EPO

    Yeah, I love how it took less than 20 posts for a Mayo EPO positive to degrade into another LA / DISCO diarrhea spew. Maybe Mayo was just never that good. His results certainly support that.
  10. davidbod

    The Champagne Tastes Sweet Today - Sorry Losers!

    I predict another very bad post TDF year here at cyclingforums for the Disco haters. The pointless discussions and Disco bashing will continue like a bad case of diarrhea. Fact is most of you Disco haters thought another TDF win was years away if ever again. This is however without a doubt their...
  11. davidbod

    11th hour!

    You think your Grandmother dopes and she's 683,295,067 hours behind. At some point there must be someone who isn't doped. If you slam the ones behind who actually aren't doped because your head is so far up your ass then what good is that. Its just like the ones who say lets stop the tour. If...
  12. davidbod

    Vino tested positive!

    I truely don't understand what he was trying to gain out of this. I guess he thought he really had a chance to still win the Tour. The sad thing is he could have gone on to never win a stage and end up an hour+ behind, but we still would have seen him as a hero. He could have then gone on to...
  13. davidbod

    Stage 14 - Sunday, July 22: Mazamet - Plateau-de-Beille, 197km

    The last ITT is flat, we'll have to see how Ras does, but my guess is he won't do well. Your right on the other points, but I doubt any of the DSs thought Ras was a serious threat, it also seems they didn't feel Rogers was a threat either. I think they were more waiting for Vino and Astana to...
  14. davidbod

    Stage 14 - Sunday, July 22: Mazamet - Plateau-de-Beille, 197km

    Popo's turn on the front isolated everyone, and cracked Kloden. Then Ras and Contodor rode of and cracked Evans. Leipy's experience with a steady tempo pulled him past Evans in the end and he almost caught the Columbian. Levi gained significant time on both Kloden and Evans as well as did...
  15. davidbod

    Stage 14 - Sunday, July 22: Mazamet - Plateau-de-Beille, 197km

    What a great day for Discovery. Big George motors the group through the valley, then Popo does an amazing turn at the front to weed out everyone. What can you say about Contodor. He rode very smart today forcing Ras to do the final turns in the last couple of Ks and comes up winner. Levi rides...
  16. davidbod

    New Podium Predictions after first ITT

    You completely forgot Contador. There's no way Valverde will finish ahead of Contador now, not even Levi will do that. Levi might as well start fetching bottles. I think Contador will pull some magic in the Pyrenees enough to get ahead of Evans and Kloden, and then put enough time into Rasmussen...
  17. davidbod

    Vino's Bravado

    From what hs been reported one of his knees is getting septic. Since he is probably not on antibiotics, it is likely the infection will force him to withdraw. If he goes on antibiotics that will probably be the end of his tour as well. I think he knows this, and this attack he did yesterday was...
  18. davidbod

    Stage 11 - Thursday, July 19: Marseille - Montpellier, 182.5km

    t u i itts and high mountain passes If you think that crosswinds weren't a factor during Armstrongs rein, then you were either drinking too much beer or away from a tv during July.
  19. davidbod

    Stage 9 TDF - Tuesday, July 17: Val-d’Isère - Briançon, 159.5km

    Why in the world would Levi chase down his own man. The whole plan of a break is to force the other teams to chase while you sit on.
  20. davidbod

    Stage 9 TDF - Tuesday, July 17: Val-d’Isère - Briançon, 159.5km

    I have to agree about Evans. He flew up to Contodor on the Galibier, but then couldn't manage to put his bike in front??? Then the gap on the flat, he did it twice. Twice at the front of the group he pulled off wide like he was attacking slowing the group and causing them all to look around to...