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  1. Meek One

    Old Polar Power sensor (not CS..)

    Was wondering if any of you power junkies have an old Polar power sensor that you'd be willing to let go of? I am building up a winter bike and would like some power numbers, especially now that it seems that I can't ride without a power meter.:o I am looking for the one that would work with a...
  2. Meek One

    3 speeds...still exist?

    When I was a young boy (1970s) I had a beautiful red 24in Raleigh 3speed with full (red) fenders and a bell. My daughter is old enough now that I'd like to get her something similar. She can use 1st and 2nd with her single-speed little friends, but be able to be geared properly when riding some...
  3. Meek One

    Need Rim Suggestion

    I am looking to put a new rim on my 32h Powertap. I'd like something inexpensive, we'll say no more than $250(carbon) or $100 (alu) that is deep (the closer to 50mm the better). What are are my choices, if any? I wish Velocity made a Deep, Deep V... Thanks.
  4. Meek One

    Velocity Deep V Q

    Does Velocity make a 700C Deep V in a 32h with machined sidewalls? Thanks.
  5. Meek One

    Help with Hardtail Frame Choice

    Hi All, I have a nice old full Shimano XTR 952 Group on my old '98 C-dale F series. I am tired of screwing with the Fatty fork. Can you please give me some hardtail ideas that will be stiff and V-Brake compatable hopefully without disc-tabs (save weight)? Thanks. FWIW Just noticed this was my...
  6. Meek One

    Best Floor Pump

    Best Floor Pump? Mine is dead. Just searched and last good thread was from '05 so new ones may have emerged since then. What is the floor pump of choice in 09?
  7. Meek One

    Powertap Rebuild Q (ceramic)

    I need to replace the bearings in my 2005 Powertap Pro hub. Which companies make good, affordable ceramic bearings?
  8. Meek One


    Does any know what I can use to dye a kit I have? I just want it black and hopefully not run when I wash it. FWIW It's a high quality brand new kit from my old team that I never wore. I think it'd be neat all black, would match my new thermal jacket. Thanks.
  9. Meek One

    Got my Sidis wet..

    So I got my good weather carbon Sidis all wet and now they are hard as a rock. What is a good cleaner, softener? Thanks.
  10. Meek One

    CTL and FTP

    Will low levels of CTL cause an 'artificial' ceiling on ones FTP? Let's use a CTL of 30, 60, 90, and 120 as our FTP examples: 120-seems to be a solid high end number 90-many people race with a 90 60-many people who train a lot and get sick or have some time off may see 60, as well as those who...
  11. Meek One

    Thermal jersey...which one?

    The long sleeve jersey under the short sleeve jersey didn't cut it today as it was in the 40s (5-9 celsius) and windy. I'd like a nice long sleeve heavy weight (thermal) jersey. Preferably with rear pockets and some reflective properties. Which ones do you guys prefer? I don't have any shops...
  12. Meek One

    Silly question

    Do you have to ride a mountain bike in a mountain bike race? I was thinking of doing a some XC races, but would like to use a cyclocross bike. Can I? Thanks.
  13. Meek One

    Parkpre C6

    My friend has a 2008 Parkpre C6 that I can have for a good price. Any thoughts on this frameset? Thanks.
  14. Meek One

    Powertap conversion - which rim?

    Going to convert my PT Pro to track (fixed). I'd like a ~50mm rim to go on it. Anyone know who makes a good 50mm 32h rim? I checked Zipp's site and didn't see any 32hole options for the 404s, Blackwell didn't list any rims let alone a 32h. Thoughts? Thanks.
  15. Meek One

    Editing Threads

    How come I am unable to edit my OWN posts? :mad:
  16. Meek One

    Fat loss

    I've developed a pretty good plan for upping my FTP which is my primary concern now and for many months ahead. Of course this requires most of my rides to be at L4 and L5 which use mostly glycogen for fuel. Obviously I need sufficient quality calories to meet training demands and in fact have...
  17. Meek One

    Crit sprinters, which wheels do you like?

    Crit Sprinters, which wheels do you like? Especially interested in what the 'bigger' sprinters ride. Thanks.
  18. Meek One

    Thomson seatpost install Q

  19. Meek One


    So, I recently set out to increase my water consumption. I think I have been slightly dehydrated my whole life preferring to drink anything but bland water. So slowly I increase my straight water consumption to 1/2 a gallon a day and now for the last 2 weeks am up to my goal of 1 gallon or about...
  20. Meek One

    General Consenus on best FS XC bike

    Been out of the game for a while, what are the top full-suspension XC racing bikes available today? Please list your top 3 to 5. Thanks for the opinions. I plan on demo-ing the winners (if possible). Thanks again.